How To Make Money As An Extra – Meet The Money Maker #2

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Today I have the next instalment of the ‘Meet the Money Maker’ series, where we chat to people who make money in non-traditional ways about how they manage to make money outside of having what we might call a ‘normal’ job.

Today we’re talking to Pete, who makes money as an extra.

How to make money as an extra

How to Make Money As An Extra – Interview With Pete From Household Money Saving


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog

I’m Pete, married and a father of 3. Full-time I am a Civil Servant but I also blog about various ways to make and save money at Household Money Saving.

What’s your ‘money maker’ and what does it involve?

My money maker is working as an extra. Generally, all you need to do is stand/walk in the background of a scene being filmed for TV or a for a movie.


How long have you been doing it & why did you start?

I started 2 years ago. My friends told me that there had been a post on Facebook on a local group and they were filming a movie in town. We all agreed to apply, but I was the only 1 to go through with it.


How much money is it possible to make?

This is a tough one. If you could work regularly, you could certainly make a full-time living from it. 5 days of filming should see you earn between £600-700 per week. It could be even more if filming overruns. However, you can go weeks or even months without getting any work, so I could only count it as a side income. I haven’t spoken to an extra that does it for a full-time career.


What’s your favourite thing about it?

Watching the whole filming process. It’s amazing the number of people involved and all the effort that goes into it. Plus, a lot of the extras have some really interesting stories. You get to hear which actors and actresses are the most difficult to work with. Oh, and you get to see some of the biggest stars in the flesh.


What’s been the biggest challenge?

It can be tiring and boring. Some days can be 12+ hours, involving early starts. A lot of the time is spent walking or standing, which doesn’t sound too bad, but 4 days on your feet does really tire you out. And filming period dramas are the worst. Clothes back then were certainly not made for comfort!


Is there any advice you’d give to someone wanting to try it?

First, find a reputable agency. I have several listed on my blog. There is a good chance you will have to pay a small joining fee, but you won’t have to fork out too much. I wouldn’t get professional head shots made straight away either. They may gain you more work down-the-line, but you need to see if working as an extra is for you first. Read about my first week as an extra.


 Where to find and follow Pete

You can find Pete over on his blog: Household Money Saving.


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How to make money as an extra

How To Make Money As A Film And TV Extra