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19 Ways To Make Extra Money Every Month

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Are you always wishing you had a bit more money, and it’s often running out before payday? Or maybe you’ve got enough to cover the essentials but a little bit extra would be nice to ease the stress or buy some treats.

Living more frugally is a great way to save more and help out your budget, but sometimes it’s just not enough to cut back and you need to find a way to bring in some extra income.

There are loads of reasons for wanting to make more money. Maybe you’re looking to:

  • Save up for a holiday

  • Buy a new car

  • Replace your washing machine

  • Just looking to make extra money to treat yourself or your family.

Whatever it is, there are plenty of ways to make money on the side, and whilst they wont all work for everyone, there’s bound to be a money making side hustle that suits you. Having that little bit extra can make a big difference.

If you don’t have the opportunity or desire to work overtime, are a stay home parent, or just prefer the flexibility of being able to earn some money from the comfort of your own home, these side hustles are a great way to get started making some extra money. 

I wont lie, these are not get rich quick schemes, and if you do want to make money you will have to invest a bit of time, and it may involve  some trial and error of finding what works best for you,  but here are some of the easiest money making ideas to start from home.


19 Money Making Ideas For Extra Cash Each Month

19 ways to make extra money


Make Extra Money Taking Part In Research Studies

One of my absolute favourite ways to make a bit extra is to take research studies for Prolific. It’s an academic crowd sourcing platform where you take part in academic research studies.

Studies can vary from memory tests, reflex times or simply recording your views. They can be pretty interesting to complete, you can do it in your spare time and they pay isn’t bad. You can read this post for a more in depth look at making money with Prolific.




Take Part in Consumer Research for New Products19 money making ideas for extra cash

Pinecone is a consumer research company that pays for your views on new products before they’re launched. Each survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes, and you can choose to be paid directly into PayPal, or by various gift vouchers, and even physical gifts if you prefer!

I’ve been doing Pinecone research studies for over a year now, and it’s one of my favourite sites to use, as the pay is reasonable (£3 per survey), payout is quick and you can cash out after each individual survey if you choose to.

Click below to register:

Sign up for Pinecone UK >>

Sign up for Pinecone US >>

Sign up for Pinecone CA >>



Get Paid To Test Websites

One great way to earn extra money in your spare time is to get paid to test websites. You can get paid up to $60 per test, which involves using a website or app, and usually speaking your thoughts out loud and completing a set of tasks.

You’ll need to be an English speaker, and have access to a PC or MAC, and a microphone. Payment is via PayPal 7 days after each test and you’ll be required to complete a demonstration test to qualify for paid work.


flowers, cup of tea and laptop

Write A Blog

I’m including this as I’ve started to make a little bit of money blogging and I know it’s a real source of income for a lot of people. Whilst I’m definitely not earning mega bucks from my blog, I am starting to see the potential, and am excited to try and grow my income.

Writing a blog won’t make you money immediately, but with a bit of work your blog could end up providing you with an income. Some of the ways you can make money blogging include:

  • Affiliate marketing – earning commission by linking to products and services you endorse.

  • Sponsored posts – where a brand/company will pay for an article which includes information or links to them or their products.

  • Advertising – displaying adverts on your website to earn ad income.


Get Paid Doing Easy Tasks To Help Develop AI

If you’ve got an eye for detail, you can sign up to earn money with Spare 5. The tasks you will complete are designed to help develop AI, so it involves a lot of object recognition and determining whether photos are accurately showing what they’re supposed to be.

You can log in and complete tasks whenever you have time (hence the name) and you’ll be paid weekly to PayPal.


Become An Online Language Tutor

If you enjoy chatting with people and have access to video chat such as Skype, you can earn money as a language tutor. For some companies you will need to have a ESOL certificate, but there are actually companies you can work for without one, such as Cambly.

With Cambly, you can start teaching with no experience. You can work the hours that suit you, it’s completely flexible. You’ll be paid just over $10 a hour weekly via PayPal.


laptop phone and flowerMake Money Taking Online Surveys

Taking surveys is one of the easiest ways to make a little extra cash, because you can do it simply sitting in front of your TV, or whenever you have a few spare minutes. It was one of my first and favourite ways to earn a few extra pennies, and has meant I’ve been able to buy some great techy presents for my husband I wouldn’t have afforded otherwise.

I’m not gonna lie and say you’ll make a ton of money, the pay is low and it’s not the most exciting, but the upside is, it’s extremely flexible and simple to do and it does pay.

There are tons of survey sites you can use, but my favourite and most reliable earners are:

  • InstaGC – This is a get-paid-to site, so alongside taking surveys you can also get paid for watching videos and completing offers and tasks. I love InstaGC because you only need to earn £1/$1 before you can request a payout, plus they send the reward instantly.

  • Populus live – If you live in the UK this is a great one to sign up for as they pay is set at a fixed £1 per 5 minutes of time. The only downside is you have to have earned £50 before receiving a pay out.


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Get Paid To Walk

Do a lot of walking? Why not earn a little as you go? All you need to do is install the Sweatcoin app on your phone, and it records you steps and gives you ‘sweatcoins’. Once you’ve earned enough, you can exchange your points for rewards. Okay, so unless you’re a marathon walker, you probably wont do enough steps to make actually cash, but you can exchange points for free gifts and other rewards.


Sell Your Stuff

How much stuff do you have cluttering up your house that you don’t use or need anymore? Why not declutter and make some money at the same time? There are so many options available to sell your things. Here are just a few options:

  • eBay – list your items and either sell them via auction or fixed price. With eBay you have access to a HUGE audience of potential buyers, but you do pay a small fee for selling with them. If you can’t think of anything to sell, try this list of 10 items you could sell on eBay to make money for inspiration.
  • Facebook – You can use Facebook marketplace to sell your things for free. One benefit to using Facebook is that you might be able to sell your things locally and have them collected, saving you the trouble of posting them.
  • Shpock – For quick and easy listing, Shpock is an app and website that you can use to sell for free. Just upload a couple of photos and description of your item and wait to receive offers. Although you can post things you sell on Shpock, it does show items based on location so it’s good for local selling.
  • Gumtree –  A free classified Ads site, where you can sell your items for free or upgrade to have your items shown higher in the listings.




Make Money from Your Online Searches

This is one for just earning a few pennies, but it only takes a couple of clicks, so why not? Qmee will pay you for searches online on Google, Amazon, eBay and more. Simply install their browser extension, then search online as normal. If a paid result comes up, just click the link and the money will be added to your Qmee piggybank. You can collect your money to your PayPal account instantly at any amount.


Rent A Room On Airbnb

Do you have a spare room? Renting out a room on Airbnb is a great way to earn some extra money. Just add your room and description to the Air BnB site, along with your rates and availability and wait for people to book up.

You can choose whether or not you want to offer any extras such as breakfast. Guests are rated and reviewed by other hosts, so you can check their history before accepting their booking if you feel cautious. This is a great way to utilise unused space, earn money and meet different people.

Bed with towel laid on


Become A Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a fun way to make money on the side and often get free food or products too. You’ll need to be observant and have a good memory as you’ll be required to make a report of your visits, but otherwise there’s no special skill or experience needed.

Once you’re signed up to a mystery shopping agency, you’ll either be notified when jobs are available in your area, or be able to log in to a shopper portal to see if there are any assignments you’d like to carry out.

Mystery Shopping companies you could sign up with include:


smartphone with notepad and penSell Your Skills And Services

A good way to earn extra income from home is to offer you services online on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork. You can add your skills and people can then hire you to carry out jobs for them. This could be anything from Proof Reading, Graphic Design, Data Entry to posting on social media.

Once you’re signed up you can search for and apply for any gigs you fancy, and upload your own profile to showcase your offerings.



Become A Dog Walker

If you enjoy walking and being outside, and also love animals, you could consider becoming a dog walker or pet sitter. Sometimes people are too busy to walk their dogs and will pay someone to do it for them. You can advertise your services by making flyers and displaying them around your local community, or by advertising in local Facebook groups and similar.


Sell Your Makes On Etsy

If you enjoy crafts and making things, why not try becoming an Etsy seller? You can sign up and create your own online store to sell your makes. You can also hire tables in local craft fairs to sell your crafts in person.


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Earn Some Amazon Gift Cards

Okay, so while not technically making money, Amazon gift cards are probably as good as, and some might say better, because it’s much easier to treat yourself to something nice with a gift card without feeling guilty about not putting the money towards bills!

Here are some easy ways to earn Amazon cards:

  • Taking pictures of job adverts – Jobspotter is an app that pays in Amazon vouchers for snapping photos of any job advertisements you see while out and about, and uploading them to the app. 
  • Playing games on your smartphone – AppBounty is also an app that pays in Amazon gift cards; all you have to do is download and try out new apps and games.


Sell Your Smelly Shoes

This is a bit of an odd one, but the market is definitely there! If you have any old well worn shoes lying around, you could consider selling them on. There are people out there who are willing and eager to buy smelly shoes! There are a few things to consider before trying this one – read this post for tips and advice from one girl who easily made over £400 in a couple of months doing this.


Rent Out Your Parking Space

If you have an unused driveway or garage, you could potentially be making money from it! This will be dependant on where you live – city centre spaces will always be more coveted, but you can earn money from renting out your parking space. There are a few sites you can use to list your space – it’s free to list but they make take a cut of your earnings. These include:



Your Parking Space

Park on My Drive


Make Money Reviewing Music

Slice The Pie pays you to review new music. You just need to listen to the music, then write a review saying what you liked and disliked. You can also choose to review fashion items or commercials.

The more detailed and higher quality of your review, the more you’ll earn. Payment is via PayPal on Tuesdays and Fridays, once you’ve earned $10. Slice the Pie is US based, but you can sign up globally to be a reviewer. You can join Slice the Pie here.


Do you have any other ways of making extra money on the side? Add to the comments, I’d love to hear them!


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19 ways to make extra money

19 Ways To Make Extra Money Each Month


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  1. Surveys and also secret shopper?! I don’t think I could ever say no do being a secret shopper.. I didn’t even know this was an option! Excited to hustle after looking at this list. Extra savings and travel money would be so great right now

    1. missmanypennies says:

      It’s great, especially when you can get a free meal as well as a fee!

  2. Great post. I have Tried most of these apart from the smelly shoes one. I donate mine to the running shop i buy new ones from. They donate them abroad to those less fortunate so i dont make any money there but its for a good cause. My favourite side hustle is probable matched betting although i appreciate it isnt for everyone. Thanks for the post.

    1. missmanypennies says:

      Thanks! That’s a great idea to donate your shoes, and I’m sure selling smelly ones is definitely not for everyone! Yeah, although it’s not for me right now I know lots of people do really well making money with matched betting like you say 🙂

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