Apps That Pay You Money – The Best Money Making Apps For 2020

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When you’re wanting (or needing) to make a bit of extra money each month, a good option to consider is using apps that pay you money for things like completing tasks, taking photos, answering questions and even playing games.

Whilst using each individual app on its own won’t make a huge amount of money, when you combine using a few of them together you can build up some nice earnings.

One of the biggest advantages of using these apps to make money is the flexibility. You can earn completely on your own schedule, so they’re a great easy option for opening up whenever you have a few minutes spare time.

Apps That Pay You Money

We’ve put together a huge list of the best money making apps to put some extra cash in your pocket, just from using your smartphone.

Apps That Pay For Completing Tasks

Task Apps

These are apps that pay you money for completing tasks such as mystery shopping, taking photographs, information gathering or even selling your own skills and services.


BeMyEye is a mystery shopping app. You’ll be sent on ‘missions’ to visit shops, take photographs and notes on pricing and advice from salespeople. All you need is a camera phone and the ability to be discreet. Payment is your choice of PayPal or bank transfer. Get £1 bonus on your first mission when you join with the below invitation.

Join BeMyEye

Spare 5

Spare 5 is an app that pays you to complete tasks in your spare time. You can also use the websites for some assignments. These are often tasks to help develop AI, so you might be asked to do things like draw boxes around objects in images to help with image recognition. You will need to complete some training tasks before you become eligible for paid work. Spare 5 pays via PayPal.

Join Spare5

Field Agent

Field Agent is an app that pays you for completing information gathering tasks, for example taking photos of displays in shops and uploading them to the app. It will show you what tasks are available and where they are in relation to you in terms of distance. Once you accept a task you normally get 24 hours to complete it.

Join FieldAgent


This is a great app if you do a lot of walking, or need some extra encouragement to get out and about. Whilst it can take a long time to accrue enough coins to redeem for actual cash, if you’re impatient there are plenty of other rewards to exchange your coins for, and it’s as easy as downloading onto your phone and letting it do its thing – automatically registering your steps and adding the coins you earn walking into your balance.

Join Sweatcoin


Got a skill? You can use Fiverr to offer your services. People will pay for things like freelance writing, web development, graphic design, you name it. Just register and advertise your services, or browse through the jobs available.

Join Fiverr

Best Money Making Apps For Games And Downloads

Paid to play apps

There are actually apps that pay you money (and vouchers) to try out new apps and games. Here are some of the most popular right now.


Fitplay pays you money for playing new games. Simple to use, you just download the suggested app, play for the required time and collect your points which you can then exchange points for rewards. For Android users.
Get Fitplay

Make Money – iOS

Make Money is an app that pays you money for various offers and installing other apps. A lot of the tasks involve downloading and playing a game to a specific level. Enter code KQJJ3 for some free credits when you join.

Get Make Money 

Applike – Android

Applike is similar to Fitplay. Download games and play to earn points which you can exchange for rewards.

Get Applike

Coin Pop – Android

Coin Pop is another app that you can use to earn money playing games. With Coin Pop you collect points for trying out different games. You earn more points the longer you play. Points can be redeemed for cash or Amazon vouchers.

Get Coin Pop

Apps For Making Money From Your Receipts

Receipt Apps

Consumer research companies will pay for your shopping data. An easy way to take advantage of this is by using receipt apps. These are apps that pay you money to simply scan your shopping receipts and answer a few quick questions.

Here are some of the best money making apps for receipt snapping:


This app is available for both Apple and Android users. Much like the others, you simply upload your receipts and answer a couple of questions about who did the shopping. You collect tokens in exchange. Sometimes you’ll be offered short surveys which you can take to earn extra tokens.

You also receive scratchcards for completing surveys and for uploading receipts in consecutive weeks; these give you the chance to win more tokens. When you reach 3000 tokens you can redeem for a £5 PayPal payment or gift card.

Use code ARDIW4SK for 200 free tokens.

Get Shoppix

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app that pays you to take photos of your receipts. For iPhone and Android, you can simply upload your receipt and answer a few quick questions about your shopping trip. You’ll collect coins in exchange for your receipts.

You can also earn spins on their ‘slot machine’ where you could win extra points or cash prizes. Coins can exchanged for monetary rewards.

Get Receipt Hog

Snap My Eats

This app is specifically for receipts where you’ve bought something to eat. It pays £1 per 3 receipts uploaded, but you are limited to earning £5 per month – which is 15 receipts. You get paid in Amazon vouchers which are sent automatically every month.

Get Snap My Eats


Huyu is another app that rewards you for sharing your grocery shopping data. Upload your receipts and complete surveys to earn vouchers.

Get Huyu

Social Money Making Apps

Money Making Social Apps


MNSFT (Manifest) is an app which pays for your social media influence. Sign up and connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts and you’ll be given a social capital score based on social influence.

Based on your score you will be offered a certain amount of money to publish posts for different brands. All your paid campaigns can be posted from within the app.Payment is via PayPal or Revolot.


Apps For Taking Surveys

Survey Apps

There are so many surveys apps that pay you money for sharing your opinions that this post would go on forever were it to list them all! Here are some tried and tested consumer research apps that genuinely pay.

Curious Cat

Curious Cat is another simple survey app. It will show you a list of ‘Task’s (surveys) and how many points each survey is worth. 1 point is equal to 1 penny and you can cash out as soon as you’ve reached £1 in earnings.

Your money is transferred immediately to your PayPal account when you cash out.

Get Curious Cat


If you’re looking for more apps like Curious Cat, then Qmee is a good one to try (you can also add as a browser extension.) New surveys are typically available every day, but you may screen out quickly if you don’t meet the target demographic.

The top benefit to Qmee is that you can cash out any amount and it will be paid immediately to your PayPal account. You can also choose to be paid in Amazon vouchers if you prefer. There aren’t that many other apps like Qmee with the same low payout threshold unfortunately, but the following apps do pay out once you’ve gained enough points.

Get Qmee


YouGov send surveys that cover all kinds of topics, including politics and current affairs.  Surveys are usually worth a minimum of 50p and are fairly short.

The downside to YouGov is that you have to earn £50 before you receive payment, so it can take a while, but it’s nice to receive the money when you get there!

Get YouGov


Vypr is an app that typically asks questions about your food and shopping habits. Questions are named ‘steers’ and present you with pictures of products, asking for your opinions and preferences.

There are also ‘in-store steers’, which are worth more but need to be completed on the app whilst inside that particular supermarket. Each steer is paid in points and once you’ve reached 10,000 points you can cash out for £10.

Get Vypr


Streetbees is a chat style survey app. Surveys are called ‘stories’ and often involve talking about your personal use of products . Each story is worth a variable amount of money which will be paid directly to your PayPal account once your response has been approved.

Get Streetbees 


Attapoll is a survey app that pays via Paypal, you can withdraw your money when you reach £5. Surveys are not overly frequent but are easy to complete and the payment threshold is relatively low.

Get Attapoll


Voxpopme is a little bit different for a survey app, as it involves giving video responses. Each survey asks a question and you simply record yourself answering with what you think for a minimum of 30 seconds.

It’s one of the fastest ways to take surveys due to this format, and is easy to use. Each survey is paid in cash and once you’ve earned £10 you can withdraw your money into PayPal.

Get Voxpopme


1Q is a very simple question and answer app. Short and sweet, they’ll let you know when there’s a new question via a notification, you tap your answer and they add $0.25 or $0.50 into your PayPal account instantly. Easy.

Get 1Q

Survey Bods

With SurveyBods each survey is worth an amount of points which are equal to pennies. Once you reach 1500 points you can cash out for £15. You can choose to be paid in Amazon vouchers or via bank transfer.

Alongside the points you also earn tickets for completing surveys which are entered into a monthly prize draw.

Get SurveyBods

Citizen Me

Citizen Me pays automatically into PayPal every time you complete a survey. You’ll get a pop up notification when a survey is available. The only downside is that surveys can be few and far between.

Regardless, it’s worth having for the instant payment and not having to build up a balance to withdraw.

Get Citizen Me


This is an extremely slow earner, but takes little to no effort. Just install on your phone, and open every so often to collect points. Occasionally it will offer you a location based survey. Otherwise just collect the points for opening and exchange for Amazon vouchers when you have enough.

Get PanelApp


Enlightly is a really quick and easy survey app that pays money into PayPal. Each individual question is usually worth 5p and the app will send a notification when then are any new questions.

You can also earn cash bonuses for answering your first 50 and 100 questions. Cash out when you’ve earned £5.

Get Enlightly

Cashback Apps

cashback apps

Shopmium pays you cashback and freebies on certain items you buy in supermarkets. Just browse the available offers and if you were buying something anyway or fancy the freebies, buy, upload a photo of your receipt and they will send you the money back. You get a free jar of Nutella for signing up.

Get Shopmium

Checkout Smart

Checkout Smart is a similar cashback app that works the same way. You can filter to choose your preferred store and then browse the available offers. Then simply take a photo and upload your receipt to claim your cashback. Payment is by bank transfer.

You can request payment at any point but payments under £20 incur a 5% fee.  You should receive your cashback within 10 days.

Get Checkout Smart


ClickSnap is another supermarket cashback app that is pretty much the same as the others, and is run by Quidco. To get ClickSnap you’ll need to log in to your Quidco account to download and set up your payment preferences.

Get ClickSnap


Quidco pays you money back on your online shopping so worth checking the app first before you buy. You’ll also receive £10 free with your first cashback.

Join Quidco


Another online shopping cashback app, Topcashback offer cashback on purchases through hundreds of retailers.

Join TopCashback


Cleo is a clever automatic savings app. It’s included in this list of apps that pay you money as it pays you £5 to sign up and create a wallet, and £5 per referral who signs up on your recommendation.

You simply connect your bank account and it works out regular small amounts which you can afford to save and moves them across into your savings. You can adjust how hard you want to save, and it’s easy to withdraw your savings at any point.

Get Cleo


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