Making Money As A Virtual Assistant – Meet The Money Maker #1

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I’m so excited to bring you the first instalment of my new ‘Meet the Money Maker’ series, where I chat to people who make money in non-traditional ways about how they manage to make money outside of having what we might call a ‘normal’ job!

Today we’re talking to Kirsty, who is a blogger and full time VA.

How to make money as a virtual assistant

How to Make Money As A Virtual Assistant – Interview with The Money Saving Mum


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog

So my blog is and although it isn’t directly related to my ‘money maker’ if it wasn’t for the blog I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing today.  My blog helps parents manage their finances after having children by encouraging parents to save, invest, spend wisely and earn if they feel they ever need to.

I myself was looking for a way out of my corporate job; after multiple flexible working applications and stress assessments due to me being discriminated against for being part time and having children, I decided at the start of 2018 enough was enough and I set myself 6 months to get out of there.


working from home

What’s your ‘money maker’ and what does it involve?

So my ‘money maker’ combines what I know, what I’m good at and what I’ve done for nearly 15 years AND my blogging.  I am now a full time virtual assistant offering assistance to fellow bloggers and small businesses who are in need of a little help but don’t want to necessarily employ someone.



How long have you been doing it & why did you start?

I handed my notice in at my corporate job exactly 6 months after I said I would. My blog was starting to really take shape and make money and I had a contracted dream client that I would’ve been silly to not invest in.  I added another string to my bow and created in the middle of 2018 and have gone from strength to strength.


How much money is it possible to make?

I am earning more now for average 10 hours per week than I was earning working 18 hours per week in the corporate environment.


What’s your favourite thing about it?

The flexibility is unreal! I can manage myself, I don’t have to manage anyone else; I don’t have to rely on anyone else and I can be there for the children when they need me.


What’s been the biggest challenge?Woman with filofax and coffee

Working from home… 100%! I thought it would be a breeze.. I thought I would have the radio on, have a wash on, get the dishwasher emptied, Hoover, dust….. yep no can do! So being unable to do all that AND working in the same environment where there are still breakfast bowls out from breakfast or kitchen mats still out from tea is REALLY difficult.

I tell myself I can’t do it all… and it’s a case of now I leave that and get paid elsewhere or I do it and don’t get paid.



Is there any advice you’d give to someone wanting to try it?

Be sure you have someone unique, something special that makes you you.  What can you offer someone that someone else can’t?  Mine has to be my experience in a fast paced, authoritative industry and my blogging knowledge which is why I decided to niche down to help fellow bloggers.  Because I know what they go through,  I know what’s required of them and I know what takes the time.


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