5 ways to celebrate the holidays without overspending
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Five Ways to Celebrate the Holidays without Overspending

Ever get to January and find that you’ve massively overspent over the Christmas period and now regret it? This is a guest post by Sarah from Gift Ninjas and includes 5 great tips to help you stop overspending during the holidays. According to Andy Williams, the holidays are supposedly “the most wonderful time of the year, …

4 ways to make money blogging
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How to Make Money Blogging – 4 Ways to Earn

How to Make Money Blogging Blogging is a great hobby for a lot of people (myself included), but it’s actually possible to make money from blogging, and in fact, along with those who use blogging as a side hustle, there are a lot of bloggers who make a full-time income from their blog! It’s definitely …

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Christmas gift guide: Affordable gifts for 0-‘5’s

Some of the items in this guide were gifted for review, however all opinions expressed are our own. With Christmas now just one month away, Christmas shopping is probably on your mind! This gift guide is for affordable Christmas gifts for 0-5’s and is full of things we think would make great presents for children …

Save money overpaying your mortgage
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How to Save Money in the Long Term by Overpaying on your Mortgage

Getting a mortgage is probably the most significant amount of borrowing that most people take on, and although varied depending on the length of the mortgage and the interest applied, the amount that we end up having to pay back is usually vastly more than the amount borrowed. If you have a mortgage, one of …

wrapped presents
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How to Save Money on Christmas Shopping

With only a few weeks to go until Christmas, unless you’re super organised (which I am not!) and are already all prepared for Christmas, you might be starting to think about your Christmas shopping, and how you’ll finance it. This post is from Laura, who runs the blog Thrifty Londoner, and has some great tips …

Piles of coins
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Saving a house deposit when you’re a family

  Saving for a house deposit is quite a challenge, especially if you have a family and a lot of outgoings. This post is written by Gem, who blogs at www.yorkshiremumof4.com and includes some great hints and tips for saving up a house deposit as a family. We have 4 kids so believe me when I say that …

Reverse Advent Calendar
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Take part in #FoodBankAdvent with a Reverse Advent Calendar

This year I’m joining in with the #FoodBankAdvent campaign run by the UK Money Bloggers, and would love to invite you to join in too. The campaign simply involves collecting a box of items to donate to your local food bank. It’s like a reverse advent calendar – instead of opening a little box and …

£20 note with assorted coins on top
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Vouchers, Deals, Discounts…Where to Find the Best Bargains

It’s probably clear by now that I love a bargain. If I’m gonna buy something, I very rarely will pay full price, and always look for a discount or deal first. I’ll always check if there’s any cashback available if I’m shopping online, and then I’ll search all over the internet to try and find …

Background of keyboard, white flower and pink candle with text 'Why small businesses need a web presence'
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Why You Need a Web Presence as a Small Business

  In today’s world, it is becoming more and important to have a web presence, even as a small business. This means setting up a virtual version of your business online which could involve creating a website, and potentially social media accounts too. You might think that being a small business you don’t have the …