Miss Manypennies helps you find ways to make and save money, and look after your family finances. If you are looking for ways to boost your budget, or supplement your income, particularly as a parent, this is the right place.

Full of frugal living tips, ways to save more money and earn on the side, Miss Manypennies aims to help you achieve your financial goals faster, one penny at a time. As the saying goes: ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’!

As a stay at home mum to three small children, as well as learning to live more frugally, those little things that can be done from home at any time of day to earn or save extra money are perfect.

It’s possible to get paid to take surveys, participate in studies, try new products- even just watching videos or playing new games can pay a few pennies! Or why not take it one step further and start a new home business?

Finding ways to save money and budgeting better all help with family finances and becoming debt-free too.

My aim is that by spending a little time doing lots of these small things, we can turn ‘many pennies’ into many pounds.

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