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How I Made Over £400 Selling Smelly Shoes – An Interview

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You might have seen me mention in some of my other posts that one potential side hustle for making extra cash is selling smelly shoes. Old, well worn shoes. Sounds crazy, but it’s true!

You might be wondering:

Who on earth is gonna buy old smelly shoes?

I thought exactly the same, but it turns out there is actually a market out there that is interested in buying your old, worn out shoes. Your smelly shoes! If the whole idea of foot fetishes freaks you out and you can’t handle the thought of some strange requests in your inbox, then this may not be for you – check out these other money making ideas. But if you’re unfazed by that and you want an easy way to make some money – this could potentially be the way to go!

This somewhat unique side hustle is actually something that lots of people have been able to make good money with, and luckily, I’ve managed to bag an interview with a successful smelly shoe seller! Read on for her answers to for all things smelly shoe.

Hopefully this will provide some insights into a weird and wonderful way to make money and give you an idea of how to get started if you think selling well worn shoes might be a good earner for you!


How I made £400 selling smelly shoes

How to make money selling smelly shoes


  1. Where did you get the idea for selling your old shoes?

I first got the idea for selling smelly shoes from a blog that I read about another woman that had done so. Thought I would give it a try and it turned out to be quite lucrative!


  1. How long have you been doing it?

I did it for couple of months until I ran out of well-worn shoes. Once I get some more shoes that are quite well-worn I’ll probably start selling again!


  1. Where and how do you sell them?

I sell shoes strictly through eBay, however when I’ve had extra requests I have given customers an anonymous email address I created just for smelly shoe selling.




  1. What kind of shoes can you sell?

You can sell all kinds of old shoes! I have found the most popular to be flats / pumps however some people do buy well-worn heels, preferably with the heel almost worn away.

You could consider buying cheap shoes from Ebay or from Primark, just to wear to sell on.


  1. How much do they sell for/what’s the most you’ve made?

I have found per pair of pumps I would get an average of £20 per pair. some of the particularly well-worn ones sold for around £35. In 2-3 months I made around £400+!


  1. Are there any words you need to use or avoid using in your listing?

To meet with eBay’s guidelines, it is important to word your listing appropriately. The key words to use are ‘Well-worn ladies shoes’. Never make any references to fetish and do not use the word smelly. Your listing will be removed, and you could be faced with a temporary ban from selling!

You also can only take photos of your feet in the shoes below the ankle. In your listing you can also quote ‘shoes will be cleaned in accordance with the manufacturers standards’. You don’t actually have to clean them, just say that you will!


  1. Do you take precautions to stay anonymous?

In order to stay anonymous, I created a whole new eBay account without using my name and a new PayPal account to protect my privacy.


  1. Do you sell any ‘extras’ and how do you go about it?

I have had so many requests for extras! Some of which I would never dream of doing! People have asked for used socks which I did agree to for £10 per pair. I sometimes charge £10 for a bundle of 5 photos of feet or feet in shoes. I’ve even been paid £20 just for a bunch of photos of the insides of my shoes!

I’ve also had requests for videos of me wearing the shoes, some of which I was comfortable with as again, they were only from the legs down. In one of them I was asked to squash a cake wearing the shoes. For less than a minute of footage and a red velvet cupcake I made £35 and gained a repeat customer!

Customers pay the money into PayPal and then I send the photos/videos by email.


  1. What’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked by a customer?

The strangest thing I have been asked for by a customer is ‘would you allow me to worship your feet in person’. Now, I have been offered large sums of money to do this but is an absolute NO-NO for me. Although it may seem like easy money… it’s a dangerous game!


  1. How do you feel about your customers?

Personally, I don’t have a bad opinion of my customers! People have all kinds of fetishes and this particular one benefits me financially, so I can’t complain! Not that it floats my own boat…

I have found the vast majority of my customers to be incredibly polite and sometimes embarrassed by their requests. Always treat your customers with respect.



  1. And finally, is there anything else you think we should know?

A top tip for anyone wanting to start selling smelly shoes is to make sure you are honest about the condition of the shoes… the customers only want shoes that are well worn and often shoes that smell. Make sure that’s what you give them to avoid negative feedback.

Also – don’t limit your postage options to national; a lot of my customers are from outside the UK.

Another tip: Create an amazon wish list! Several of my customers have asked for my amazon wish list in order to send me gifts! You can completely anonymise it and get some great stuff!

I’ve had a Mac palette and lipstick, 3 pairs of new shoes, Hotel Chocolat chocolate and a bottle of rum to name a few!


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Unique ways to make extra money number 1. Selling smelly shoes

How To Make Money Selling Well Worn Shoes


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  1. I sell a lot on eBay but I’ve never ventured into the ‘well worn’ shoe market… Though I must admit it’s very tempting! Really interesting interview – thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I’ve never ventured into this but I have to say it’s intruiging! Something I’ve always wondered is how do you make your Paypal anonymous? I understand your interviewee set up a separate one for this purpose but doesn’t it have to be linked to an address? I’m interested to know if you can find out 🙂

    1. Miss manypennies says:

      I can definitely ask! I think if you use a PayPal business account you can set your business name to whatever and that’s what shows on the buyers end when they send money, so that’s one way of staying anonymous from the buyer.

  3. Love this so much – it is so great to hear from someone else who is successfully doing this!

  4. Wow. I had absolutely no idea about the ins and outs of selling worn shoes and the extra money making opportunities. Fascinating!

  5. Catherine says:

    I have been told by multiple sources that it is against eBay regulations to use the term well-worn and that such sales of well-worn shoes can get you banned. Is this not true??!

    1. missmanypennies says:

      Hi Catherine, I’m not sure on the exact eBay regulations, but if you wanted to be cautious, you could just say they’re in ‘used’ condition.

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