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Easy Frugal Living Tips To Save Money Everyday

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Since having children frugal living has become much more of a priority for us a family.

How to be frugal without being cheap - 25 frugal living tips

As well as making it easier financially for me to stay home with our children while they’re small, learning how to be frugal is helping us to save more money, which will help pay off debt quicker, which in turn will improve our finances in the long term.

Dropping down completely to living off one income makes budgeting and being a bit more careful with money more important, and probably one of the easiest ways to live on less is to start making more frugal lifestyle choices.


How do you live a frugal lifestyle?

The Oxford dictionary defines frugal as:

  • sparing or economical as regards money or food.
  • simple and plain and costing little.

So frugal living is simply about being careful with your money, knowing where it goes, and finding ways to spend less.

But isn’t frugal living boring and only for cheapskates?

When I used to think of frugal living in the UK I would imagine used teabags drying on little washing lines ready to reuse later. You don’t have to go that far though; it’s perfectly possible to be frugal without being cheap.

It took me a while to realise that you don’t have to compromise on every little thing just to be frugal – I still buy my favourite tea bags – I just make sure to buy in bulk whenever they’re on offer.

And actually, it can be pretty simple to just change a few habits or products -once you’ve got into the swing of it, living frugally wont even seem like a challenge anymore , it becomes second nature. Some people have even used frugality to help them reach financial freedom!

And the best part?

Those savings that you make by using these frugal tips all add up over time and can be used to fund things that might not have been affordable before, like days out or even a holiday. Another great way to use frugal savings is to put them towards paying off debt faster.


Why live frugally?

There are so many benefits of choosing to live a frugal lifestyle:

  • It gives you more appreciation and value for what’s important to you
  • Helps you save money to achieve financial goals faster
  • Helps to reduce stress over money matters
  • Encourages you to make the most of what you have
  • Frugal living is often more environmentally friendly

There are so many ways you can be a little more frugal in order to make some extra savings; here are some of the easiest and best frugal living tips that provide simple ways to save money at home, on the move and with your grocery shopping.

The Best Frugal Living Tips To Save Money Every Day


1. Give your home a frugal makeover

There are so many things you can make some easy changes to that will make your home more frugal. Here’s where to start:

  • Replace your light bulbs with LED bulbs

    Assuming the lights are on for about 4 hours per day, you’ll save about £11 per light bulb per year. My kitchen has 10 spotlights – that’s £132 saved in my kitchen alone!
  • Turn off the lights when you’re not using them. 

    This sounds so simple, but if you have kids anything like mine, you’ll know it’s near on impossible to get them to remember to switch off the lights! We’ve got a timer on some of our lights now, so they go off automatically.
  • Replace baths with showers or take shorter showers

    You could try using a shower timer or choose a water saving shower head.
  • Turn off the radiators in rooms that aren’t used

    If you have thermostatic radiator valves you can set the desired temperature for each radiator, but it’s also easy to just switch off the radiators in rooms not being used to save wasting heat.
  • Wear a jumper
    This one sounds pretty obvious but it’s surprising how many people don’t do this. Put on a jumper or layer up before turning up the heating.
  • Get one of these squeezing tools to make sure you use up all the product in tubes such as toothpaste.
  • Give up your TV licence

    You don’t have to give up TV entirely to give up your licence. Other options such as Now TV or Netflix may work out cheaper and still give you all the TV you want.Check out my post here about living without your TV licence and if you actually need one.
  • Go energy efficient on appliances

    Whilst this frugal living tip isn’t one that you can implement straight away – it wouldn’t be practical to rush out and replace all your appliances – it is one that can make a difference long-term. When it’s time to replace appliances, choose ones with the best energy efficiency ratings. The price is usually only slightly higher, but the cost of energy you will save over the years of use make it a good money saving investment.
  • Always check whether it’s worth switching energy or broadband and telephone provider

    I find that a quick check each year when it’s time to renew usually means it’s cheaper to switch. You can often find good cashback deals for these kinds of providers too. If you’re not signed up to cashback sites, check out this post about using cashback sites. I’ve had hundreds of pounds in cashback over the years, most recently we got £40 cashback just by switching our home insurance. We would have switched anyway as it was the cheapest policy available – so the £40 was a fab bonus just for a quick 5 second check on Quidco.

2. Get Crafty With Your Cleaning

Save money on expensive cleaning products by simply making your own – it works out cheaper and uses less chemicals too!