Amazon Hacks: 17 Savvy Tips To Save Money On Amazon

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Chances are, you’re already one of Amazon’s 197 million monthly customers. And if you’re an Amazon Prime user, you probably already use and love some of the Prime membership benefits. Even so, there are still some handy hacks for Amazon you might not be taking advantage of yet, whether you have a Prime membership or not.

My absolute favourite thing about Prime is the next day delivery – many of my daughter’s school birthday party presents have been a panic purchase with next-day delivery!

I also love the music – I have an Amazon Alexa in my kitchen and it’s great to just ask Alexa to play whatever kind of playlist I fancy with no ads to hear while I’m cooking or cleaning.

These days you can buy just about anything from Amazon, but do you know how to save the most money while doing so?

These Amazon hacks are not underhand or even ‘secret’, but they are legitimate things you might not have heard about – so take advantage of these handy ways to save money on Amazon.

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17 Savvy Hacks For Amazon

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  1. Find hidden deals

    We all know that search results don’t always throw up the best or biggest discounts in the top positions and it can take a lot of scrolling to find a deal you want.However, you can use a nifty trick while searching to filter for specific discounts you want. Our Deals Finder uses custom parameters to seek out your preferred discounts.

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  2. Combine orders for faster shipping

    One sneaky Amazon hack that sometimes works is to combine your orders to try and get faster shipping. If you’re buying a few small items, try ordering them individually in a short time frame, but on one of the orders select faster delivery. They are likely to combine your orders together in one box, so you should receive them all faster.

  3. Use Amazon household to share benefits

    With Amazon Household you can share your Prime benefits with another member of your household by adding their Amazon account to your Prime membership.

  4. Use the gift card purchase bonuses

    Occasionally when you log into your account you’ll find an offer of a free gift card code when you purchase a certain value in gift cards.If you know you’ll spend the money at Amazon eventually, it’s worth taking advantage of this offer and getting the free balance added into your gift card balance, as it’s valid for ten years.

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  5. Amazon Fresh

    Did you know you can even buy groceries from Amazon? They really do have it all! With Amazon Fresh, you can get fresh groceries and household items delivered direct to your door – sometimes even the same day! Plus, if you register your SNAP EBT card, you can use your SNAP funds on Amazon too.

  6. Amazon Prime Hacks – Student prime

    If you’re a student, you can get a 6 month free trial of Prime, giving you access to most of the benefits, including free one day delivery, Prime Video and Prime Music. Once your trial is expired you can choose to purchase Prime for half the cost of normal Prime Membership.

  7. Amazon coupons

    As with all shopping, if you can find and use a coupon to save money, why not?! Amazon is no different and even has dedicated coupon pages. Here’s where to find them:All Coupons >
    Grocery Coupons >
    Prime Pantry Coupons >
    Clothing Coupons >
    Prime Coupons >

  8. Lightning deals

    Lightning deals are not reserved for special shipping events such as Black Friday anymore, so it’s worth keeping a look out for them. If you spot something you’re after, remember to check it’s actually a good deal before snapping it up, but don’t be too slow because they are time sensitive!

  9. Subscribe and save

    Subscribe and Save is an option that saves money on items you routinely buy. You can choose to have these delivered automatically at times that suit you, and also receive a continuous discount of up to 15%.

  10. Track price history

    Of all the Amazon shopping tips and hacks, this is probably one people often forget to do, but it can really help to save money.Just because the price shown looks like a good deal – or is made out to be a bargain, doesn’t mean it actually is. Even on Prime Day, the deal prices aren’t necessarily the lowest prices that items have been sold for. Using price tracker Camel Camel Camel, you can enter the url of the product you’re interested in and it will show you the item’s price history over time, which will help you figure out if the current price is actually a good price. It might be the case that the current price is actually more expensive than it usually costs, in which case it’s probably worth waiting to see if the price drops again

  11. Get cashback on Amazon Shopping

    When you’re shopping anywhere, including Amazon, it’s always, always, always worth claiming any available cashback. Cashback sites that will pay out for Amazon purchases include Rakuten for US residents and Kidstart for the UK.

  12. Tell Amazon if your Prime package is late

    If your package arrives late, it’s worth reaching out to Amazon’s customer service and letting them know. Chances are you’ll be compensated with a gift card or other offer.

  13. No rush shipping credits

    This was my favourite of all the hacks for Amazon! We were gutted when they ended this promotion in the UK, but keep an eye in case it comes back! If you’re happy to wait a little longer for your order and select no rush delivery at the checkout, you’ll be awarded free credits and discounts to your account. I used this Amazon trick for months to build up free Amazon video credits for our movie nights.

  14. Amazon warehouse

    With Amazon Warehouse you can opt to buy products that have been returned, lightly used, or with open boxes. Check the condition to make sure you’d be happy and get a bargain on items that are often good as new!There is also a Bargain Box, where you can find items with discounts of at least 50%.

  15. Check for a Price drop

    If you buy something and within 7 days you notice the price has gone down it’s worth contacting Amazon to see if they’ll refund you the difference to match the new price.

  16. Get discounted amazon cards

    Sites like CardYard (UK) and GiftCardGranny (US) buy and sell unwanted gift vouchers, so if you’re a regular Amazon shopper it’s worth checking these sites for discounted Amazon gift cards. Sellers who would prefer cash instead of vouchers will often offer discounted prices to get a sale.

  17. Top up your Amazon account by earning gift cards

    This one is not so much of an Amazon hack but it is a handy way to boost your funds for Amazon shopping!If your account is looking a little empty, there are loads of ways to earn Amazon gift cards online to top it up. Some ways to earn gift cards include:

    >Taking market research surveys with Survey Junkie >Playing games and completing offers on FreeCash

    >Completing tasks and surveys on GPT sites

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