How To Get Cashback On Your Grocery Shopping (Freebies too!)

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I’ve been using cashback sites for years to earn cashback on my online shopping, but it’s only recently in the last year that I started to use supermarket cashback apps. These are apps that you can use alongside your grocery shopping, in order to make a little bit of  money back. With these and the receipt apps, you can build quite a good collection of apps that help reduce your grocery spend!

If you do your grocery shop online you can sometimes  make use of online cashback sites to get some money back on your shopping, but if you shop in-store like me, these apps are a great alternative, and worth having installed on your phone. These supermarket cashback apps often give freebies too, and I know we all love a freebie!

Supermarket Cashback Apps


Shopmium is a supermarket cashback app that gives you money back for buying specific items. For some items you can get 100% cashback, which is great for trying new things you wouldn’t normally buy. For example, some of the freebies I’ve had are fancy cordial drinks, Mikado chocolate sticks and a bar of Lindt chocolate. You can spot these offers where the picture says ‘Try for free’.  At the moment if you sign up and use my code  – z6e8y – you can get a free tub of Nutella.

To use the app all you need to do is find ‘Stores’ in the menu, select the store you’re going to be shopping at, and you’ll be shown a list of all the available offers. Scroll through and see if there’s anything you want or need – today there is an offer for 50% off Kingsmill White bread at Tesco, so you can often find useful offers on things that were already on your shopping list. There is usually at least one freebie on offer too, so worth picking those up, even if you don’t fancy them yourself you could always pop them in the food bank basket.

If you’re not sure you’re buying the right product you can use the app to scan the barcode and check the eligibility before you buy.

Screenshot showing current offers on shopmium supermarket cashback app - free baby snacks and 50% off baby finger food
Current Shopmium offers

To claim your cashback after your shop, you just go into the app, find the offers you want to use, and scan the barcode of the product. Then simply take a picture of your receipt. You can choose whether to have your cashback paid into your bank account or to PayPal.

Checkout Smart

Checkout Smart is another app that works in much the same way. You can filter to choose your preferred store and then browse the available offers. Then simply take a photo and upload your receipt to claim cashback. Payment is by transfer into your bank account. You can request payment at any point but payments under £20 incur a 5% fee, so it’s worth building you balance to £20 before requesting a pay-out. Once requested you can expect to receive your money within 10 days. You can download Checkout Smart from your app store.


ClickSnap is a supermarket cashback app that is pretty much the same as the others, but it’s run by Quidco. To get ClickSnap you’ll need to go through your Quidco account to download and set up your payment preferences. If you’re not registered with Quidco yet, you should definitely consider signing up, it gives you cashback for online shopping with hundreds of retailers – I’ve written more about it on my post about cashback sites.

Like the others, you can filter by store and browse offers. Then you just tick the offers you’d like to redeem, take or select pre-taken photos of your receipt and upload.

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