Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

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Young girl writing at desk

Creative writing can help children with their self-expression and teach them how to be better communicators. It also keeps the brain active and stimulated, helping to strengthen their thinking skills. A private school in Sevenoaks shares five interesting ways of exploring creative writing with your child.

Explore Their Interests

Few children will gladly write without any encouragement. To encourage your child to write, try setting them a task around their interests. This might be a short story series on the marvels of space or a series following on from their favourite film.

Writing a Convincing Letter

As the head of your household, you have the power to set the rules and offer privileges. If there’s something that your child wants, you could insist that they write a compelling letter detailing why they should be allowed to have it. This can teach your child how to form strong and convincing arguments, stretch their imagination and improve their reasoning skills. Point, evidence and explanation, better known as PEE, can help them to do this. 

Read with Them 

Reading can increase your child’s fascination with books and get them passionate about writing one of their own one day. It can help to increase their vocabulary and improve the quality of their writing by showing them how to create a good plot.

Developing an Appreciation for Literature

Words can be so powerful and some of the most moving speeches in history have ended injustice and restored peace. By showing your child examples of how literature has changed the world and exploring its role, you can help your child to see how cool it really is. In turn, your child will be more invested in it and will be encouraged to start writing creatively.

Keeping a Diary

A diary provides an outlet for self-expression and can get your child to write routinely. This additional practice can help them to progress as a writer.

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