Top Tips for Helping Your Child with Maths

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If your child struggles with maths, they won’t be the first. It’s a subject that a lot of children find difficult and nonetheless, the one that they will rely on the most as they grow up. This can be down to a range of reasons from a lack of interest, preconceptions about it being difficult, it not being “cool” and struggling with the basics. We’ve teamed up with a boarding school in Berkshire to share some guidance on how you can help your child in this area.

Play Games

If you’re looking for engagement on their end and to make maths seem fun, there are a number of games that you can play. Interactive maths games are all over the internet and can be fairly addictive, so you’ll have no problem with them making time for revision. 

Create Real Life Scenarios

One of the reasons why maths seems unappealing to children is because it doesn’t appear to have much practical use. Things like algebra and knowing the surface area of a circle can seem completely pointless and children can switch them off before even attempting their work. Creating everyday scenarios can help them to see just how important and cool their studies can be, helping to gain their attention.

Assistance / Tutoring 

If your child struggles with maths, they may need extra support and if you’re not the best at explaining things or lack the time, a tutor can help. They can go over topics as many times as necessary and break things down into digestible chunks.

Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

As a qualified teacher, they will know about how to best support children with varying learning needs and styles. They will also be able to talk to you about what they’ve observed and why they are struggling/uninterested.

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