The benefits of extra-curricular activities for children

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Academic activities tend to stay within the school. Many parents choose to keep it this way as it can be difficult juggling work, domestic roles and further activities for their children. However, extra-curricular activities have many more benefits than a child going to a club for an hour every other day after school. It not only teaches and broadens new skills, but can be highly beneficial for a child’s personal development. Here are 3 reasons why you should encourage your child to do more outside the classroom. 

  1. Learn new skills. If you really think about it, extra-curricular activities could teach your child skills that they keep with them for life, especially if it stays in relations to something they already have a passion for. This could be a simple sport to learning a brand-new instrument. Activities like these can teach skills such as teamwork, leadership and a whole lot of creativity. The best part is, these skills provide benefits that will stay long after education is completed.
  2. It can boost academic performance. Excelling in school is made up of many components, but always comes down to effort and skills. Many of the skills taught in extra-curricular activities aid in learning in school. Core subjects require problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking. You can even find extra-curriculars provided by their school, that target certain areas of education that your child may feel they’d like to strengthen themselves in.
  3. Impress universities. It is well known that getting into university is difficult and showing off the kind of person you are and what you strive to be is important when applying. Universities love see examples of a hardworking student where they have gone above and beyond to develop a set of new skills. It also shows interest in a variety of sectors with a thirst for learning no matter where you are. 

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