How to Raise an Optimistic Child

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Optimism is more than bravery. It’s the ability to take on calculated risks and see the positives and learnings that are to be gained even from failing. By taking challenges in their stride, your child can achieve greater things and lead a more fulfilled life. If your child is reluctant to try new things and no amount of nagging works, here are some expert tips on how to raise an optimistic child that a private school in London has shared.

Avoid Complaining 

Negativity can breed a lack of confidence and pessimism, not just in children but adults too. To encourage your child to be optimistic, avoid talking negatively around them about the challenges in your life and try new things. By showing a willingness and excitement to try them despite your initial fears, your child will also learn to do the same.

Build Their Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can stand in the way of your child taking on new challenges and reaching their full potential. Help your child to recognise and believe in their ability by using words of praise and encouragement. 

Positive Reflection

Get your child to adopt a positive outlook on life and their failings by getting them in the habit of looking for silver linings. This will help them see that even if their ‘what if’s’ are true, there is always something to be gained from trying which can help them in overcoming their fears.

How to Calculate Risks

Although with risk comes reward, not all risks are worth taking and it’s important that your child understands this and can do this for themselves. An easy way to do this is to create a list of pros and cons.

Give Them a Bit of a Push

While you shouldn’t sign your child up for something that they’re dead set on avoiding, you can increase their willingness to take on the risk by building them up to it. If your child has a talent and they’re not yet ready to explore it e.g., by joining the school’s football team, you can edge them forwards gently to increase their confidence. For example, in this scenario, you might play with them or encourage them to play with their friends.

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