6 Eco Friendly Travel Products That Will Save You Money

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There are plenty of ways to try and have a more eco-friendly home, but what about if you want to keep eco-friendly whilst on the move?

This is a guest post from eco-friendly traveller and finance blogger Charlotte, from Looking After Your Pennies, sharing 6 ways she stays environmentally friendly while travelling and remaining budget conscious.

eco-friendly travel essentials that save money


I started Looking After Your Pennies two years ago to share my love of good money management and eco-friendly living.  Now, I’m blogging around the world as my family and I spend a year visiting new places and having new experiences

Back home, I was super eco-friendly.  We did everything we could to reduce the impact we had on the planet.  But when you are travelling, it is much harder. That’s no excuse not to try though.


There were a few favourite products that I had to leave behind but many came with me and have proven invaluable.  They reduced the damage we are doing and saved us money on the way too.


Water bottle

With many countries in the world having limited access to drinking water from taps, you need to buy bottled water.  This made me so sad thinking about all the plastic, but I realised that larger bottles mean less plastic per litre and a lower cost too.


By taking our reusable water bottles, we can fill up before we leave and have plenty of water waiting for us when we get back.



Or any reusable sanitary products really.  But a mooncup is by far the easiest to use and clean.  Although, this will cost you a bit in the first place, it will save you time and money when travelling.


In addition, there’s no running around looking for an open and clean-looking shop at 10pm, because you have run out of supplies.


Natural deodorant

We’ve been travelling as light as possible so that we can avoid paying for checked luggage.  This means, due to security restrictions on flights, that we must be careful with the amount of liquids we take.


I have been using a solid, natural deodorant for many years now, so taking this with me was a no brainer.  It lasts ages too, so you won’t need to search for a replacement often either.


Shampoo bars

Just like natural deodorant, shampoo bars will allow you to carry your shampoo and conditioner in your hand luggage without any problems.
You’ll save a tonne of money in luggage fees and won’t need to buy a new bottle every time to jump off a plane.


Reusable shopping bag

We were a bit slow figuring this one out, but a reusable shopping bag is an excellent eco-friendly addition to your travel kit.


Lots of supermarkets all over the world now expect you to bring your own bags or to buy them when you get there.  Turning up without them is going to cost you money and you’ll be contributing to plastic pollution.


Having a good set of shopping bags will mean that you are more likely to be able to walk further with your goods and not feel compelled to hail a taxi.


A flannel

This one might sound a bit old fashioned, but it has served us well.  It works for removing makeup, a strip wash and general cleaning up the kids after any meal.


They are easy to clean and dry and take up such little space in your bag that you barely know that you are carrying it.  But you will be grateful for it, I promise!


There are very few things that I miss.  You learn to make do and cope without many things that you felt were essentials back home.  Just having and using less, will save you money and be eco-friendly.

For more eco-friendly and money saving ideas, you can also find Charlotte on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Do you use any other eco-friendly travel products that you think are a must have? Share them in the comments 🙂

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6 Eco Friendly Travel essentials that save money


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