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Have you ever been frustrated trying to book train tickets and not being able to find anything for a decent price?

I know I have!

My husband and I live 200 miles away from my family, and particularly before I learned to drive I would spend hours trying to find train tickets I could afford so that I could go and visit. I’d tear my hair out at some of the outrageous prices and end up buying tickets for slower trains, journeys with much longer connection and waiting times and sometimes end up travelling ridiculous routes just to find affordable tickets.

However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to find cheaper tickets for your train journeys without inconveniencing yourself.

How To Save Money On Train Tickets

Save Money On Train Tickets By Booking In Advance

The earliest you can usually book a ticket is 12 weeks in advance of your journey, as this is when the train timetables are released.

The best way to try and secure a cheaper ticket is to search for your ticket as soon as you know you’re going to be travelling.


Choose Specific Train Times

Buying flexible tickets is usually much more expensive. You can save quite a lot of money by choosing an advance ticket. When you buy one of these you’re committed to travelling on a specific train – you’ll only be permitted to travel on that train at the time stated on your ticket.

If you know you can manage to be on time to catch a specific train, these are the best tickets to buy to reduce the cost of your journey.


Save Money On Train Tickets By Split Ticketing.

One of the other best ways to save money on your train travel is by split ticketing.

Ticket website traintickets.com is designed to help you find the best priced train tickets possible for your journey, and the way they do this is by quickly searching out the best split ticket options for you.


What is Split Ticketing?

Split Ticketing means that instead of buying one single train ticket to cover you from A to B, you buy two or more tickets covering the same journey.

For example, lets say you’re travelling from Norwich to Liverpool. Instead of buying one ticket to cover you from Norwich to Liverpool you could save money by splitting the tickets and buying one ticket for Norwich to Nottingham, and another from Nottingham to Liverpool. In this case, you may even be able to stay on the same train as the service covers the whole journey.

Sometimes you would need to change trains, but often needing to switch may be necessary anyway depending on the journey, even if you’ve purchased only one ticket.


Why Does It Work?

Split Ticketing works because the rail network is covered by many different train operators and companies, all offering various prices and services.  Buying split tickets allows you to get the best value deal for each individual part of your journey.


Why Use Traintickets.com?

You might be thinking, why do I need to use a website for this, can’t I just do it myself?

The answer is yes of course you can, BUT it can get quite complicated.

When you buy your tickets through traintickets.com, you can be sure that they search to find all the best available tickets for your journey and make sure you’re compliant with regulations such as minimum connection times to ensure your tickets will cover you for your journey in case of any delays.

With traintickets.com you can search for and buy your train tickets all in one place, in one transaction. They won’t charge any booking or credit card charges either.

The way they make money is to take 10% of the saving they make. So if they find you a split ticket price £20 cheaper, they will pass £18 saving to you and keep £2. If they aren’t able to find a split ticket saving you are still able to book your tickets through the website with no charges.


Top Benefits Of Using Traintickets.com

  • No booking or payment fees
  • It’s easy and hassle free. Just plug in your journey and they do the rest for you.
  • You can be confident you’ve got the best deal, compliant with the National Rail Conditions of Carriage.

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