How to Raise a Confident Child

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Funnily enough, children aren’t born ready to take on the world and confidence is something that we as parents need to instil. It gives them the belief that they are capable and allows them to make the most of their talents. So how do you raise a confident child? We have teamed up with a private school in London to share tips on how you can do exactly that.

Be a Confident Role Model

Children pick up behaviours from those around them and particularly their parents. By carrying yourself with confidence, so will your child. Demonstrate your optimism to try something new and the preparation you put in behind it. 

That doesn’t mean shying away from your natural feelings of anxiety but doing so in a way that you reassure yourself that you can do it.

Don’t Dwell on Your Mistakes

Mistakes are made by all of us and will be made around your child. It is important to show your child that it’s okay and a part of learning. Likewise, always be gentle and encouraging of your child when they make mistakes. This will help them develop resilience and grow to be confident as confident people don’t let mistakes get in their way by dwelling on them.

Find Their Passion

Allowing your child to explore their interests will help them to build a sense of self-identity and know who they are in the world. If it happens to be something that they are talented at, this will hugely improve their self-esteem.

Praise Effort and Perseverance

Having the ability to persevere is a vital skill of a confident person and praising perseverance will give them the strength to carry on. This will slowly give your child the belief that they are capable of what they put their mind to. 

Equally, it’s important to highlight that it’s not always about winning but appreciating the journey. It can be very disheartening and enough for someone to give up on something if they’re not successful. This is where recognising their effort will come in and help your child feel a sense of pride from overcoming what they were afraid of.

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