What is My Child’s Learning Style?

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Child reading picture book

Figuring out the way your child learns best will give them the best chances in life to work on themselves, and give them the best chance in performing well in school. To identify your child’s learning style, this girls senior school in Hertfordshire has some ways to help.

How does your child express themselves?

Look at your child often and see how they pick up items, how they communicate with others and how they hold things, experience things and more. Visual learners are more likely to express themselves in better ways in comparison to learners that prefer reading or writing-based learning. Kinesthetic learners are more likely to use body language to express their feelings.

What interests does your child have?

A big part of a child’s learning style is often based on what their biggest interests are. Visual learners probably prefer to watch TV or films, instead of reading books or listening to music. Your child alternatively may love music, picking up CDs or asking for a music streaming subscription. These things are important to pick out early on so that you can help your child with their learning experience as much as possible.

How does your child solve problems?

Solving problems is a big skill children will be developing from a young age. They can use a number of skills to get them to solve a problem. If your child uses their eyes to handle a situation and analyse what’s in front of them, they’re more likely to be a visual learner. If your child loves maths, they may use their hands to solve the problem.

Discover what programmes your child learns best from

There could be a few ways you can help your child with their skills, and it gives them the chance to test themselves further. Auditory learners are going to learn best by listening to their teacher, with reading and writing based learners relying more on books and worksheets to help them understand the problem.

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