How to Raise a Resilient Child

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little girl laying on grass and smiling

Resilience is a skill that shows children how they can handle a lot of situations without the need of outside help, but it can also show them how brave they really are and what they can do without needing support every time.

While having support on your side is always appreciated, your child can learn a lot about themselves through facing tough decisions and handling difficult times in their lives. This guide from a private college in the UK has some advice to teach your child about resilience.

Show your child a range of experiences

A number of experiences will show your child just how to handle a range of issues, conversations and what to do in a variety of different circumstances. Having just that experience alone will show a child how to solve problems and be able to handle their own levels of adversity as a result. Experience days, long walks and outdoor play time can help with their resilience.

Let your child make their own decisions

While some choices can really be made until they’re a bit older, your child should be allowed to make key decisions at each stage in their lives. Let them choose where they’d like to eat, for example, or what they’d like to do on the weekend, what toys they fancy playing with or what movie they want to watch to pass the time. Even the small decisions they make will give them the confidence to work on other skills.

Role play solving problems

Solving problems is a big part of a child’s life and discovery towards reaching their own goals. To help this along, you can role play scenarios where they can solve problems without giving them too much stress. Give them manageable problems so that they learn how to navigate them without too much direction from yourself, and it gives them the confidence to work out their own issues.