Should I Consider Theatre School for My Child?

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Theatre school can be an exciting time for children to try new experiences, develop their performance skills and enter the world of drama and theatre in a more accessible way. But there are also many other benefits to taking your child to a theatre school; the question is, would your child thrive in this kind of environment?

Here we take a look through the considerations when it comes to choosing a theatre school and if it’s the right choice for your child.

Does your child want to enter the acting world?

For the majority of students they want to pursue drama and acting as their future career, which is why a private theatre school is the most popular option for students. This gives your child the foot in the door and they have multiple opportunities to grow their skills that will land them in front of potential agents, hiring agencies and more. For children that are serious about building their skills in the drama industry, then taking them to a theatre school will give your child the start they need.

Is your child showing expert skills in drama and acting?

It’s a good sign if your child is performing well in tasks that ask them to act out a role, or to communicate with others to complete a task. Confidence, especially at a young age, will go a long way in helping your child develop their abilities. With this in mind, a theatre school experience can really enhance their studies and push them in the right direction in terms of where they want to do in their career.

Does your child show a willingness to learn in other areas?

While a theatre school is predominantly about how a student can enter the film, TV or theatre industry, it will also give them the opportunity to develop their skills in other areas. Maths, Science and English subjects will still be compulsory, but your child is more than likely going to pick up other subjects to help with their drama skills. 

Sound design and lighting, for example, are just as important to a successful drama production of any size and scope. And your child will also be developing their skills in how to coordinate a team, how to delegate roles, and much more.

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