Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child

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child doing science experiment

STEM subjects are a huge part of school curriculums in the UK, more now than ever, as they encourage a drive in students to explore these subjects and boost our skills and awareness. To explore these subjects with your own child, here are some tips this private school in Surrey recommends.

Make an environment for mini experiments

There are a few things your child can explore from home when it comes to STEM subjects. Your child can explore how crystals are made by using a crystallisation kit; your child can make experiments with plenty of ingredients you can find in your home cupboards, like vinegar, baking powder and food colouring. Let them explore from the comfort of home by setting up a range of experiments with everyday items.

Start talking about the greatness of technology

A lot of kids will be getting to grips with tablets and smartphones, often a normal part of life for many of us. But there are also things your child can use in school, like laptops and SmartBoards. These all show a child how technology has improved their learning experience and what they can do to become more aware of what’s around them.

Talking about what makes technology interesting will keep children engaged to pick up other pieces of tech, like games consoles and TVs. They may become very curious about how they’re made and what they do.

Take your child on day trips out

Lots of day trips, especially experience days and museums, will give children more awareness of where STEM subjects are used. They give children a lot to think about as well, and it lets them have fun at the same time. There are plenty of science-related museums that have a range of fun activities for kids to look at and give them the awareness of STEM subjects, what they mean in modern society and how much we rely on them.

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