It’s a Sign! The Significance of Signage in Business

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There are many steps involved in setting up a business establishment. Of course, you need to find a suitable location, purchase essential items, and incorporate decorative elements. However, aside from all these, one particular step that you shouldn’t skip is putting up signage.

Yes, we’re living in a digital age, but modern technologies utilized in marketing don’t undermine the significance of signage at all. Having outdoor signs and displays is still relevant and timely. Below, we’ll discuss several reasons to convince you:

The Benefits of Signage

  • Capture Attention. Signs are highly effective in drawing people’s attention to your enterprise. Having an attractive and creatively made sign can set your business apart from its competitors. Moreover, customers, in general, are not likely to purchase goods or avail services from a business that is unfamiliar or they have never heard of. In the same way signage for restaurants can attract people inside to eat and become customers. Thus, having a sign is helpful in exposing your business to individuals residing around your area of operations.

  • Serve as a Locator. Landmarks are essential for your business to be located easily by your prospects or current customers. Nowadays, most buildings look similar, which is why distinguishing trademarks are extremely important.

  • Boost Brand Recall. People become aware of your business through constant exposure to your sign. In addition, by incorporating trademarks such as your company name, logo, and other symbols and designs that are associated with your business, you are strengthening your branding image and keeping it consistent. Moreover, the U.S. Small Business Administration website reports that signs function as a major link between a company and its pool of customers.

  • No Time Limit. Most advertising methods have a limited duration of exposure. For instance, newspaper and magazine placements only last for the day’s release or the month’s issue. These promotional materials are consumed by a potential customer with just one reading. With an exterior sign, you have continuous exposure for 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year.

  • Cost-effective. Media placements require set fees every time an advertisement is communicated. In comparison, outdoor sign makers only charge you once for the creation of your sign or display. When it comes to other forms of advertising, like print and broadcast, signage is very affordable.

  • Interior Designs Act as Salespeople. While exterior signs are meant to capture attention to your business and differentiate it from other shops, interior signs are helpful in persuading customers to make purchases as they guide shoppers in locating merchandise. Setting up special displays that announce promos and discounts is also a good way to elicit impulse sales.

  • Available in a Range of Options. There are two primary types of outdoor signs: building-mounted and ground-mounted. Building-mounted signs are the ones that are attached directly to the place of business. The placement is strategically chosen based on the prevalence of foot traffic. As for ground-mounted signs, these are available in an assortment of sizes and shapes and are mounted beside or near roads in the hopes of drawing the attention of passing drivers.

Signage is indispensable for businesses that operate within an area where other enterprises abound. Moreover, it’s a cost-efficient method of marketing a business in order to boost visibility, reinforce branding, and potentially grow profits.

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