Why You Need a Web Presence as a Small Business

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In today’s world, it is becoming more and important to have a web presence, even as a small business. This means setting up a virtual version of your business online which could involve creating a website, and potentially social media accounts too. You might think that being a small business you don’t have the resources or the time to spend building an online presence, but a basic website is relatively inexpensive and simple to set up and can be an invaluable investment.

Here are the benefits of having an online presence as a small business:

It’s expected and gives you credibility

The internet has fast become the number one source of information – people expect to be able to find businesses when they search for them online. Not having a website or online presence could serious limit you in reaching customers. How often do you want to find out about something and simply Google it? Regardless of how established your business is, people will see you as more credible if you have a presence online.

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It helps you stay competitive

It’s more than likely your competitors have a website. If you don’t have one, then they automatically have an advantage. If somebody is searching online for the service you provide, and you don’t have a website, that’s a potential customer lost before they’ve even had the chance to hear about you.

You have 24/7 opening hours which makes you more accessible

Having a website means that people can access information about your business 24 hours a day. Your product or service is constantly available. If you sell online, this is a huge advantage as it means people are able to shop any time of day or night, unlike in a physical shop.

It gives you bigger reach

In days gone by, people might have looked to the Yellow Pages, Classifieds, or relied on word of mouth to find service providers, but nowadays it’s much more common for people to hop online and do a search. Yes, this means people can now easily find and search through hundreds of companies, but it also means you now have the ability to reach many more customers too, which is a huge benefit.

Having an online presence allows you to reach more people, with far less limitations. Building your website using good SEO techniques, means that even if you’re a very small business, your web page could still rank in search engine results, along with bigger competitors.

Being able to reach potential customers who aren’t local to you means you have the possibility to expand your customer base all over the world.

You can build more trust

Being online makes it easy for people to share your business with others with just a simple click! Not only that but people are able to easily review you online, which can help you build trust. If people can find your business online and see what people are saying about you it helps you build a positive brand presence.

It gives you further options for growth

Finally, having a web presence gives you the ability to explore more earning options; not only can you reach more new business by being online, you also have the possibilities of setting up an email marketing list, or creating an online shop.

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