5 Top Tips For Updating Digital Branding

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Digital branding is a marketing and brand management technique of how you share your business across online platforms to connect with existing and potential customers. It’s how you present yourself or your company and helps you shape the way your brand is perceived.

Given the ever growing number of online businesses and emerging trends, updating and keeping on top of digital branding can help you stand out among your competitors, and build better engagement with customers and users. It gives you the opportunity to make yourself distinctive, so it’s important to have a clear strategy.

Here are some top tips for developing and growing digital branding.

1) Understanding your target audience 

You should always develop a solid understanding of who you are targeting before making updates to digital branding.

Who are your ideal customers or audience? What are you offering them and what can you do for them? What are they looking for and how do they communicate? 

When you have the answers to these, you can more easily develop a foundation for your branding.

2) Consistency

There are so many web and social media platforms these days, that’s it’s highly likely that you will want to maintain a web presence on multiple platforms. Think about websites, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tik Tok, the list goes on.

Keeping your branding consistent across all your platforms means it’s easy for customers to come to recognise you and understand what you’re about whenever they see your online presence.

3) Developing your brand identity

When talking about maintaining consistency, one of the easiest and main ways to do this is through the use of logos, fonts and colours. Keeping these consistent across platforms helps to establish a sense of brand identity that people can recognise, it also looks much more simple and professional.

Even if you’re using different formats of content, such as video, web content, images or graphics you can still keep some form of consistency with these aspects.

Consider how you want to come across and what might help you to stand out. You may want to try using specific fonts in your graphics that catch the eye, such as these online graffiti fonts from Font Bundles.

You might want to use calm and gentle colours or bright and bold, depending on which best reflects your brand message.

Your brand identity also incorporates your ideals and ethics – so whatever you write or share across your social channels should always reflect those. Keep consistent in that regard too, as it is all encompassed in your overall digital branding.

Remember that everything you post is a reflection on your brand and how it’s perceived.

4) Keep up to date with relevant trends

If you’re wanting to grow your business then you need to keep up to date with where your audience is at. If your target audience are all over new media platforms like Tik Tok, it might be worth considering investing time into using that platform to market your brand through video content.

If your audience primarily uses Instagram, you can grow your digital branding there through visual content.

Understanding how users engage with each platform can help you create content that’s going to reach and engage your existing and potential audience. Whilst the type of content may vary, you can still keep aspects your visual branding consistent across different mediums.

5) The ultimate aim

Throughout all of your marketing and digital branding strategies the most important thing to think about is your ultimate goal. Do you want people to visit your website? Purchase from your store? Click on your links?

Whichever it is, your goal should be to gently guide people there from whichever platforms you’re using.

This means that all your content should align across channels, so that if somebody clicks through from a social media platform they immediately recognise they’re in the right place and feel comfortable because it all matches with the brand identity they’ve previously experienced.

If it’s a total mismatch, they’re much less likely to engage, purchase, or stick around.

Ultimately, digital branding helps you communicate who you are, what you’re about and how you can help your target audience. Keeping your digital branding updated means you have a better chance of engaging that audience effectively and growing your business further.

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