13 Money Saving Makeup Hacks

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I’ll be honest,  I’ve never been a makeup addict, but since becoming a mum, makeup became even less of a priority than it was, what with both time and money being more scare than before! I became more of a roll out of bed, quick shower and try not to look in the mirror kind of girl.

However, now I’m getting a little bit more sleep (finally), and potentially able to have a bit more time and move around without a baby attached, I am dabbling with wearing a little bit more.

My sister, unlike me,  is a bit obsessed and has a lovely collection of fancy stuff and after trying some of hers, I’ve realised the difference that good quality make-up can make. Unfortunately, splashing out on new beauty products just isn’t in the budget, so I’ve done some research and put together this list of ways to save money on makeup.

Whether you’re more of a makeup magpie, can’t leave the house without it or special occasion only kind of person, these money saving makeup hacks will help you save on your makeup spend.

13 Tips And Tricks To Save Money On Makeup

Spilled make up and brushes
  1. Get free samples

    Freebies are my absolute fave, I love when the postman brings me them! The other day I got a lovely sample of YSL foundation (from So Post in case you were wondering) and there’s enough there for two or three wears.  Getting samples is a great way of getting nice make up for free, and gives you the chance to try it out and discover what you like without shelling out for something you might not even use.

    There are SO many free samples to be had. You can apply online for free samples when available by checking websites such as Latest Free Stuff, So Post, Latest Deals and joining freebie hunting facebook groups to get updates when new samples are on offer.

    It’s also always worth asking for samples in store as well, as they are usually happy to hand you samples to try. This is great to try in department stores as you can go through the different concessions collecting samples.

    One great way to try samples is to order from Feel Unique’s pick ‘n’ mix selection. You can choose 5 samples a month and you just pay the shipping fee, which is then refunded as as gift voucher towards your next purchase.
  2. It’s all about the wand

    Woman's eye and mascara brush

    How good your mascara looks is often more down to the wand, than to the mascara itself. Once you’ve found one that does a great job, when the mascara runs out, save the wand by giving it a quick wash in warm water, then use that wand with a cheaper mascara to get the same look for less money.

  3. Try discount brands

    More expensive doesn’t always mean better. Plenty of people swear that drugstore brands are just as good as designer make up brands, so don’t shy away from trying a cheaper version- you may just find you love it and save yourself some pennies! You can find lots of beauty bloggers and vloggers sharing the best make-up dupes. This is a great way to save on makeup, especially if you tend to buy a lot!

  4. Cut open packets

    When you come to the end of products, such as foundations or creams, cut open the packets and you’ll usually find there’s lots left at the bottom of the tube you can still use.

  5. Rescue old powders

    makeup brush and powder

    Here’s a little magic trick – If you have broken powder compacts, try adding a little surgical spirit and rubbing it round to set back together. It’ll be just like it was before, and you won’t need to replace it.

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  6. Try the hot water/saline trick

    When you’re nearing the end of your mascara or it’s getting clumpy, try running it under hot water and giving it a shake. Another trick is to add a few drops of saline solution to the tube and give it a swill round. Good as new!

  7. Twist don’t pump

    Hands holding mascara tube

    Pumping your mascara wand in the tube adds more air and causes mascara to dry up more quickly. You should twist the wand inside the tube instead to help it last longer.

  8. Take empty pots back

    Don’t throw away your make up containers. Some brands such as Mac and Lush have a recycling scheme; with Mac you can take back 6 empty containers and exchange them for a free product.

  9. Join email lists

    Sign up for the email list of your favourite beauty brands, as they often send out discount codes via email. Save on makeup by only buying when you get a good discount code.

  10. Find alternatives

    woman removing eye makeup

    You don’t need to buy special make up remover. Ordinary moisturiser will do the job just as well – or plenty of people swear by Johnson’s baby shampoo as a great make up remover dupe!

  11. Use loyalty cards

    Make the most of loyalty discounts by signing up to store loyalty cards. Superdrug’s beauty card gives you 1 point for every £1 you spend and the Boots advantage card gives you 4 points per £1 you spend which you can then use for future purchases.

  12. Keep an eye out for deals

    Lots of brands and stores will often offer discounts and deals on make up, so it’s worth keeping your eyes open for a good bargain. Money Saving Expert has this up to date list of cheap and free beauty deals so you can check what’s available where.

  13. Try outlet stores

    Shopping in outlet stores gives you the chance to buy the same products as discounted prices, so it’s worth a look if you live close by to any.

    So there you have it, 13 simple tips and tricks to save money on makeup!

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13 Money Saving Makeup Hacks

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