9 Quick Tips To Get The Best Black Friday Deals (Without Blowing The Budget)

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Black Friday is almost here, signalling the start of the frenzied holiday shopping period. With so many adverts, discounts and offers tempting you into buying shiny new things how do you make sure you get the best deals but don’t end up splashing more cash than you need or want to?

9 Tips To Make The Most Of Black Friday Without Blowing Your Budget

    1. Be prepared

      If there are things you’ve been holding off buying hoping for a good price in the sales, make a list of those things.

      Check price comparison websites like Idealo to see what the current best prices are, and add those figures to your list. This way, when you see the Black Friday prices you can compare and have a better idea of whether it’s actually a good deal or not.

      Do your research on which products are the best for your needs. If you already know the features and specifications you need, you’re less likely to end up falling for the ‘must buy this amazing deal now’ marketing of a product that doesn’t actually do what you need it to. Read the reviews.

      Bear in mind that Black Friday is a great opportunity for stores to clear out older models, so make sure what’s on offer is a genuinely good deal.

    2. Set a budget

      A  great sale is no reason to spend money you don’t have. Check your budget and work out how much you’re able and willing  to spend. If when it comes to it the prices aren’t aligned with your budget, let it go.

    3. Get a Prime Trial

      If you’re an Amazon shopper (and most of us are!) you’re probably aware that they sell almost everything, and Black Friday on Amazon is a huge event.

      Amazon often offers the best deals to Prime customers first, so it might be worth taking out a free trial of Amazon Prime to take advantage of this. Just remember to cancel before your month is up!

      Click here for your free Amazon Prime 30 day trial >>


    4. Compare prices across stores

      There are hundreds of retailer who will offer Black Friday deals, so don’t assume the first price you see is the best. Shop around and compare prices across different stores to get the best discounts.


    5. Join email lists and follow social media

      A lot of stores will email out or share on social media, special discounts and forewarning of special offers to their followers. Signing up means you can get early notice of good deals.

      Deal finding Facebook groups are often great for sharing great discounts and price glitches so join these to get notified before things sell out.

      Just remember to use a spare email address or unsubscribe after so your inbox doesn’t stay jammed with marketing mails

    6. Become a ‘loyal’ customer

      If you know you’re likely to buy something from specific stores, check for loyalty schemes before hand. If you’re not already registered, join up to make sure you make the most of whatever points, freebies or special deals are on offer.

    7. Get in early

      Check when sales start as some begin their early sales before Black Friday itself. Also it might be worth staying up a little late for online shopping offers that may go live at midnight. Some items are limited and can sell out quick so getting in quick might be necessary.

    8. Get cashback

      Don’t forget to shop via cashback sites to get some money back on your purchases.

      Quidco (UK), Topcashback and Rakuten (US) are some of the top paying cashback sites.

      Join Quidco and get a £10 reward >>

      Join Topcashback >

    9. Take the ‘do I really need it’ test

      Although it can be a great opportunity to grab a bargain, Black Friday is basically a bombardment of advertising deisgned to convince you that you need to buy things, and you need to buy them now. They capitalise on our fear of missing out and our love of a good deal.

      Don’t be taken in. A saving of £100 is only a true saving if you need the item, were going to buy it anyway and have the budget for it.

      Ask yourself:

      >Do I really need/want it?
      >Does it do everything I need?
      >Is the price really a good price?

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How to get the best Black Friday bargains without blowing the budget

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