How To Save Money Without Even Thinking About It

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Do you struggle to save or think you can’t afford to? Or maybe you don’t have much cash to spare, or feel it’s too much hassle to move money around all the time? If you’re not currently saving, or even if you are but would like a really easy way to save a little more, you should definitely consider saving with Plum.

Saving with Plum

Plum is a great way to save money without having to think about it. It’s a clever bot that you access via Messenger, that helps you save money, hassle free.

How does it work?

It analyses your transactions and spending, combines that knowledge with your available balance and works out how much you can afford to save. Your savings are calculated as small affordable amounts that you don’t notice, and these are transferred across to your Plum savings.

You can access Plum online through Messenger and your money is available to withdraw at any time. You can also pause and resume saving whenever you want. You will always be notified before any savings are taken and told when the saving is scheduled for. In Messenger, you can also check your balances, and get updates on your spending history.

Is it good?

I’ve been saving with Plum for quite a few months now, and really like it. I’m a terrible saver, so I like that it just does it for me and I never notice or feel short of money. And if I’ve needed some money out of my savings (I needed a bit extra recently to buy a gift), I’ve just asked to withdraw, said how much I wanted and it was back in my account in 24 hours.

It’s really simple. I find it really easy to use, and think it does what it says on the tin – I’m slowly building up savings without feeling short of money which is great! It only takes a few minutes to set up and after that you just leave it to do it’s thing. I’d recommend it, especially if you want to save up specifically for smaller things, such as gifts, treats, Christmas etc.

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Invite a friend scheme

Another good thing about Plum is they reward you for sharing with others, for every 3 friends you refer you start saving they will deposit £25 into your savings – so if you sign up to Plum and like it, why not share with your friends and earn a bit extra!

Sounds great but is it safe?

Security is listed as their top priority and they use cryptography and encryption to make sure your data is kept secure. Plum savings accounts are created and administered by their partner MANGOPAY, an EU-licensed financial institution, and savings are held as e-Money at Barclays.

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