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20 Apps to make money using your Smartphone

We all spend so much time on our smartphones, and if you’re anything like me, it’s probably mostly time wasting! But there are actually loads of apps out there that you can use on your phone – and get paid for it! Here are 20 apps that you can use on your smartphone to make money.

20 apps for making money with your smartphone

Prefer using your computer? Have a look at my list of genuine survey and get paid to sites you can use to make money.

1. Qmee

Like giving your opinion? Qmee is a survey app that pays out to Paypal. No minimum cashout and new surveys daily.

2. Mercari

If you have stuff lying around that you don’t use or need anymore, why not try selling on Mercari? There are absolutely no fees to buy, list or sell.  You can upload your items for sale with 1-4 photos in seconds, just include postage in the cost.  Join with my invite code MDCSNN and you will be given £2 free credit to spend!

3. Voxpopme

Voxpopme is a video survey app that pays you to record your opinions. Surveys are short and easy to do and you get paid into PayPal when you reach £10.

4. YouGov

Yougov is a paid survey app with the bonus that you never get disqualified from surveys. Surveys generally come through 2-3 times a week and are often about current affairs and brands. The downside to this one is that you have to accumulate £50 to cash out, but it is a lovely pay out once you get there!

5. Shopmium

Shopmium gives you freebies and cashback on certain items at supermarkets. Just check the offers and if you were buying something anyway or fancy the freebies, buy them and upload a picture of the receipt and they will send you the money back. If you sign up with my link, you can get a free jar of Nutella.

6. Vypr

Vypr is a super easy app to use, it just asks easy questions about your shopping habits and preferences. The questions are called ‘Steers’ and usually just require checking a yes or no box.  You can earn higher points by also completing in store steers. Payment is sent to PayPal once you reach 10000 points (£5).

7. 1Q

1Q is a quick and easy question app. You get sent questions and are paid 25 cents per question answered. You can answer questions within the app or via text. You may also get the opportunity for higher paid telephone interviews.

8. Oppa

Oppa is a bit different! It’s a photo app a bit like Instagram where you can earn money for sharing your photos. Users can ‘tip’ photos by sending them ‘drinks’ (cash). You can withdraw to PayPal once you reach $25.

9. Job spotter

This is a fab app if you live in a town or city and are often walking round. Working with, Jobspotter pays you to take clear, legible photos of any job adverts you see in store windows. Pays in Amazon vouchers.


Fitplay pays you for trying out new games, just download the game, play (or keep open) for the specified time, collect your points and exchange points for rewards. For Android users.

11. Time Wallet

For iPhone users, TimeWallet pays you for trying out new apps, usually games. Install apps and run them for a minimum of 20 mins. Upload screenshots of your battery life showing the app usage and collect credits. Exchange your credits for a payment into PayPal at any time.

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12. CitizenMe

I love CitizenMe. It’s not a huge earner (sorry!) but it is super quick surveys that pay immediately to PayPal after each one. 10p upwards. Just download the app and keep notifications enabled so you don’t miss any.

13. Attapoll

Attapoll is a survey app that pays into Paypal, you can withdraw your money when you reach £5. Surveys are few and far between so it’s a slow earner, but surveys are easy to complete and the payment threshold is relatively low.

14. Make Money

Make Money  (They clearly thought long and hard for the name for this one!) is an app that pays you for various task such as trying new apps etc. You can collect 20 free credits each day just for opening the app. Payment is to PayPal when you reach 7500 points. You can use my code KQJJ3H to get some free credits when you sign up.

15. AppBounty

AppBounty gives you credits for trying out new apps, completing offers and playing games. You can exchange your credits for gift vouchers or cash into PayPal.

16. PanelApp

This is a very very slow earner, but requires very little effort. Just install PanelApp on your phone, and open each day to receive points. Occasionally it will offer you a location based survey. Otherwise just collect the points for opening and exchange for Amazon vouchers when you have enough.

17. Shoppix

Shoppix is an app that pays you for snapping pictures of your receipts. Receipts must be dated within the last 7 days and must show the store name, date and itemisation. There are also short surveys for more credits. Payment is in the form of gift vouchers from £5; you can choose from Amazon and plenty more.

18. Curious Cat

This is another survey and tasks app, I like it because payment is directly to PayPal and you can choose to withdraw your earnings whenever you like. Complete surveys within the Curious Cat app or opt in to SMS to have extra surveys sent to you via text. (Texts will show as On Device Research)

19. Fiverr

Got a skill? You can use Fiverr to offer your services. People will pay for things like freelance writing, web development, graphic design, you name it. Just register and advertise your services, or browse through the jobs available. You can use the website or the app is available for both Apple and Android.


20. Field Agent

Field Agent is an app that pays you for carrying out information gathering tasks, these often involve things like taking photos of displays in shops and uploading them to the app. Once you accept a task you normally get 24 hours to complete it.

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How to make money with your smartphone


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  1. I have never heard of any of these. Thank you for sharing. I definitely want to try Fitplay, who wouldn’t want to get paid for playing a game!

  2. Thanks for the list. I’ve only heard of Field Agent. I’m a couponer and use several apps like these!

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