How to Reduce Your Utility Bills with an Eco-Friendly Home

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With the rising price of energy in the UK at the moment, we’re all clutching at our purse strings. To help British households lower their utility bills, a foundation solutions supplier based in Luton has offered up their tips.

Going Green

Opting for energy-efficient alternatives in your home may involve an expensive initial outlay but will more than pay dividends in the long run. 

LED Lights

Making small changes by switching out your traditional lights for LED bulbs can lower your energy bill by reducing the amount of electricity drawn. Over time by making this small change, you will see a sizable reduction in your bill and will need to purchase fewer light bulbs as LED bulbs have a typical 10-year lifespan.

Smart Lights

Smart lights are another option. These are lights that switch themselves off once a person leaves the people or can be controlled by your voice.

Lower Water Flow with Fixtures

Conventional taps and toilets use up a hefty amount of water with every use. From a quick wash of the hands or a brush of the teeth. Talk about money going down the drain! To reduce water flow and still be squeaky clean, you can opt for low water flow fixtures that restrict the amount of water used while maintaining the same water pressure. This will help to reduce your water bill while also helping the environment.


Adding insulation will help to conserve heating and stop it from otherwise being lost through the small cracks in your home. It might be one of the more expensive options so far on our list but can save you a whopping 50% on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year. The idea is to add more insulation to save more on your energy bills and a great place to start would be in your attic.