7 Ways to Save More Money While Working from Home

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There are endless benefits of working from home. From the flexible working schedule, little office distractions, more time with loved ones, custom environments, and zero commuting, to name a few.

However, if you’re already working from home, you’ve probably realized that saving tons of money is the most significant advantage. You’re already saving on your travel expenses and work clothes, but there are even more ways you can cut costs by working from your home office. If you’re looking for tips on how to save more money while working from your home, this article has discussed the best options.

1. Cut out Your Gym Membership

Perhaps, going to a gym was a part of your work from office routine because the gym was located in the same neighborhood from your office or on the way back home. However, now that you are working from home why not make your home your gym as well? Setting up a home gym is relatively easy and cost-effective, depending on your workout activities. Considering the average gym membership costs around $30, you’ll be saving almost $400 a year if you’re working from home.

2. Make Your Lunch and Coffee

When working from an office, you might be required to buy food and drinks from your favorite restaurants most of the time. Now that you’re working from home, you can start saving tons of money on what you eat and drink. For instance, making your coffee at home can save you up to $1000 a year. You also have a chance to cook or prepare meals for the whole week. Even simple recipes that only require a few ingredients and take less than 20 minutes to prepare can save you approximately $10 a meal, which equals about $200 if you cook every working day.

3. Buy in Bulk

Now that you’re working from home, it’s time to re-check your buying behaviors. Buying in bulk can cost less per item and save you 25% a year compared to shopping at the grocery store. You can stock up on things you frequently use like napkins, hand soap, paper towels, toilet papers hand soap to make sure you’re saving the most cash.

4. Use Your Cooking Appliances Appropriately

Before working from home, you might disregard or be unaware of the vast amounts of energy used to prepare your food. Appliances use a lot of power, especially during the day. However, using a few tips will help you lower costs as you spend more time cooking at home. For instance, if you’re cooking using the oven, there’s no need to wait until it’s reached its desired temperature before putting your food, especially if you’re preparing food that takes an hour or longer to cook.

Also, keeping the oven door completely shut while cooking or baking will help conserve energy and save cash. After cooking, leaving the oven door open after turning it off will help heat the room and use the remaining energy. Using the lids of your saucepans while cooking will also prevent energy from escaping saving you more money on energy bills.

5. Be Your Own Childcare

The costs of childcare are rising rapidly. You might find yourself paying an amount equivalent to your rent for the childcare alone. If you’re spending more cash on daycare or any other type of childcare, opt to save by being your own care. Being a work-at-home parent is a great idea to take good care of your children while saving on your monthly expenses.

6. Change Your Heating and Immersion Settings

Working from home will also mean a slightly different daily routine for you. So, it might be necessary to check the settings on your immersions and heating systems and regulate them appropriately to accommodate your new routine. For instance, you may previously have your immersions and heating set from four to seven in the morning. However, now that you don’t have to wake early since you no longer have to travel, there may no longer be the need for heating. Regulating these changes will help lower electricity bills which are crucial to savings.

7. Conserve Energy Usage on Your Laptops and Computers

As you get into your new working routine, one thing you might not be used to is conserving energy on gadgets you work with. Bad habits like leaving your laptop plugged in for extended periods or not adjusting your computer to the most energy-efficient setting all add up the costs of your electricity bills. To save on such expenses, pull the plug whenever your device is not being used.


Whenever big changes occur, it’s an excellent opportunity to realign all aspects of your lives, especially finances. With the new routine of working from home, use the above tips to cut costs and save more cash which wouldn’t be possible with the traditional 9-5 working set up.

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