How to raise an inquisitive child

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An inquisitive child. Are you thinking of how to raise one? Curiosity killed the cat is a term that is widely known but does not apply in this situation at all. But why? Because curiosity as a child is what drives them to step out of their comfort zones, learn and experience new things. This is why it is very important for a parent to encourage their child as much as possible to use their curiosity, to an extent of course, to figure out the world around them. Those who look outside the box tend to see the world much bigger. This is a great skill to have when it comes to education as it means they won’t be scared to step up the ladder and see what else is on offer for knowledge. Read on to find out how to raise an inquisitive child of your own.

Start learning off at a young age. Children are curious from the minute they are brought into this world. You’ll notice babies playing with their hands and feet as they figure out their own body, and children being found covered in flour when left alone for 5 minutes too long. As frustrating some of these can be for a parent, these situations actually help a child figure out how things work. A simple way to get them started is by reading to them. Every night, pick up a book and read. After a while, you’ll notice that they’ll start to question certain parts or wonder further than the topic of the book. Be patient and answer their questions no matter how repetitive they may get. 

Ask them questions yourself. Children need stimulation to stay engaged and learn well. Do an activity with them and question small aspects of it. Allow them to figure out their own answers with aid from you along the way. The more you question, the more your child will understand how much curiosity can teach them. 

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