How To Get Paid For Web Searches and Surveys

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If you’re looking to make a little extra cash from home, one of the easiest (although not the most lucrative) is taking online surveys. You can do it from your sofa, your bed, whenever you have a few spare minutes, so although you’ll only earn a little, it takes very little effort.

One of the simplest survey sites to use to make money is Qmee. You can use it on your computer and download the browser extension, or download the app onto your phone. (I use both).

You can use Qmee in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

If you only use the app you can earn money by completing surveys. Each survey will be shown with the amount you’ll be paid on completion and the time it should take to complete.

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Qmee survey screen
Survey home screen on Qmee

Get paid for searching online

You can complete surveys on your laptop or computer as well as on the app, but if you add the browser extension you can also get paid for your web searches.

Just search as normal on Google, Amazon or Ebay, and sometimes you’ll get a pop up on the left on the screen with a sponsored link to the product you’re searching for.

It will also show an amount – this is what you’ll get paid if you click that link. When you click on that link the pennies will be added into your Qmee piggy bank.

Qmee sponsored search results
Sponsored search results on Qmee

You can see in my screen shot that I’ve searched Google for a paddling pool and Qmee has offered quite a few different sponsored links. I picked the highest -Boots for 6p, clicked that and 6p was added to my account. I was then able to click back and a couple of the sponsored links were still there so I clicked another for an additional 4p.

How you’ll be paid

The best thing about Qmee is that you don’t have to build up your balance before you can cash out. It pays to PayPal, so once you’ve linked your PayPal email address you can redeem your balance at any point (there’s no minimum) and the money will be transferred into your Paypal account. Cash out on Qmee is pretty quick and your money will usually be with you the same day.


Qmee has a referral scheme whereby you can earn a referral bonus the first time your friend makes a cash out. The bonus is £1, but you can choose to either keep it for yourself, or share with your friend. If you use my referral link here, we will both receive 50p bonus 😊)

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