How you Can Make Money from Owning a Van

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For a lot of people a mode of transport is just a way from getting from A to B and getting the kids to and from school, however if you are looking to earn more money and would like to have a flexible lifestyle – owning a van can bring you a wealth of opportunities and have many advantages over a car.  Here we discuss some of the business opportunities you can explore with a van.  

5 ways to make money if you own a van

Start a Delivery Business

If you own a van, you will of course have much more space available, which means that you can offer a delivery service for items that could be tricky to transport.  If you’d rather not have to lug around heavier items, a courier service may be right up your street.  There are lots of products on sale via the likes of Facebook Marketplace, Amazon sellers etc. Although the seller may be good at offloading their products, logistically they could have problems which is where you would come in.  A delivery business could be a good side income for you.  


Offer A Removal Service

If you don’t mind doing a lot of manual labour then you could use your van for home or office removals.  People are always moving home so there is a wealth of opportunity there.  The same goes for offices, people upgrade, or downsize their office on a regular basis.  Get some business cards made up and leave them in local office blocks or in local shops and supermarkets for maximum exposure.  


Rent your Van Out

It could be that you have a van but actually don’t use it a lot or that in some instances it is sitting idle. If this is the case, you could rent your van out for others to use.  Some people would like to get rid of their rubbish or take certain items to storage etc on their own without having to pay for labour. You could even rent your van out to removal companies who would like to use it as a contingency vehicle.  You may need to be careful in terms of van insurance if you are planning on doing this. You can get some fantastic deals on your van insurance at Quotezone, but it is important to check the small print to make sure you aren’t voiding your policy by renting the van out.  


Offer Taxiing or Transportation

If you live by an airport – then a good idea may be to offer a taxiing or transportation service.  It could either be as a private hire where you take people back and forth to where they need to go.  Alternatively, it could be a shuttle service where you can take a group of people to the city centre or stop by some of the most frequented areas.  


Start a Cleaning or Housekeeping Business

One of the barriers of a cleaning business is that you need to transport a lot of stuff. You need to take all of your cleaning products, a mop and bucket perhaps, or even a hoover which can take up a lot of space.  When you have your own van, this takes away this problem. A cleaning business allows you to work around your lifestyle and the number of hours you would like to work. If you get your van wrapped, this can also be extra advertising just when you happen to be driving around.  

If you have been thinking about starting your own business or earning a side income for a while then investing in a van could be a good place to start.  If you have a van already, you are already on your way there.  


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