How To Sell Your Old Stuff To Recoup Some Money

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Stuff tends to accumulate as we upgrade, change jobs, add more family members and try out new hobbies, among other things.

Have you ever met someone who always has the latest iPhone, game console and high definition TV and yet never seems to go broke? Chances are, they’re either very rich, or know when and how to sell their old stuff to get some of their money back.

If you have a garage full of old items, furniture and electronics that you’d like to be free from, you’d best sell them to get a return on investments and help save the environment, too. The worst that anyone can do is to throw away their old, broken or defective electronics and have it go to landfills. Toxins from these gadgets can leech into the soil, and recycling companies won’t be able to re-use the precious metals inside them.

Then, you can start moving forward with sustainability in mind so you won’t have the same problem in the future. For instance, you can continue using your current smartphone and put off upgrading just for upgrading’s sake. As long as it works and serves your need, there’s no real reason to buy a new device.

How to sell your old stuff

How to sell your old stuff to make some money back

Check out these proven ways on how to sell and recoup some of your hard-earned cash back.

Sell Your Newer Gadgets To Other People

Older gadgets, year-old appliances and electronic goodies that work can still be sold at a higher price than broken ones. These online platforms are the best ones at the moment:

Amazon Marketplace. Amazon accepts all second-hand items that are already being sold at Some of the best-selling ones include books, DVDs, Kindle ebook readers, music players and popular mobiles.

eBay. Go to the completed listings before setting a price so you can get the most value for your stuff.

Facebook Marketplace. Sell all your electronic goodies within circles or friends who may be interested in taking them off your hands. The platform works just like eBay- post some snapshots of your item, write up a description and set a price. Interested buyers can then send a message, offer to meet up and pay cash for your now unwanted devices.


Trade-In Your Devices For Cash Or Gift Cards

If your old stuff is made by a major brand, then you can bring them straight to locations where you can exchange them for cash or gift cards.

Authorized Apple Stores can accept old iPads, iPhones and Macbooks for instant credit or a Gift Card that you can use to offset the price of an upgrade. If you don’t like the idea of taking the drive or commute, there’s always your web browser- head to a recycler site and submit an online request. can take your Surface Book, Pixelbook, Samsung Galaxy, iPad Pro, iPhone and game consoles in exchange for cash. In a few minutes, you can get an offer and the corresponding payment once they receive the old item via mail.

Recycling platforms like Envirofone, Mazuma and Mobile Phone Xchange evaluate your items based on its condition. You can turn old and used mobile phones, digital cameras and mp3 players into ready cash this way without waiting long for an interested buyer.

If you have old game consoles or handhelds, then a trip to GameStop is a quick way to turn them into money. You get a quote right then and there and get gift cards, store credit or cash. For videogames, DVDs and CDs, try


Recycle And Dispose Of It Safely

You can always donate your old items to the less fortunate. Search online for local donation centers and non-profit organizations that serve a good cause. While it may not get you cash, the smiles from the people you helped or gave your gadgets to is priceless!

For broken desktop computers or laptops, you can sell it to specialist shops that can repair it and sell them as refurbished items. For large quantities, you can have the company arrange a pick-up at a convenient time. On the other hand, a quick trip to a recycling center is the most efficient way to de-clutter your home.

As a side note, did you know that all companies in the UK who sell electronic products must have facilities where their customers can drop their old items for recycling purposes? The WEEE, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive orders these companies to accept your old fridge or washing machine when you upgrade to a new one, for example. This practice forces the company to recycle without wasting the precious components within or throwing it away on landfills.

You won’t have to wonder if your old item can be disposed properly no matter how old or broken it is. Simply visit the nearest recycling centre and they will take large or small appliances off your hands while you help reduce environmental hazards.