Guide for the Best Wine-Tasting Tours on a Budget 

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Travelling is the best investment and therapy in life. A lot of people hesitate about buying tickets due to the skyrocketing costs. But, exploring the world doesn’t always mean breaking the bank. Before booking your next flight or a hotel room, make sure you first check the group tour offers that may be surprisingly affordable and adventurous.

For all wine aficionados, this guide will show you the best wine tours in Europe that won`t break the budget. You can choose between a family, group or private tour, either way, you`ll return with a large suitcase of memories that will last for a lifetime. Now, let`s go through the most attractive wine-tasting tours on a budget.

The Best of Sicily Wine Tour

From Palermo to Catania, this 8-day tour encompasses the most prominent spots of Sicily. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the minerality of Sicilian wines and dive into the natural treasures of the volcanic island. 

The best of Sicily wine tour includes visiting historical landmarks, cultural treasures and panoramic sights of Sicily. The programme offers to taste the most delicious local cuisine and indigenous Sicilian wines with a touch of Greek notes. 

Starting from the monumental Palermo, the flagship of the island that offers a wealth of historical buildings, magnificent architecture and the brilliant botanical garden, and surrounding sandy beaches, before diving deeper into Sicily`s national treasures.

All along you will enjoy the fragrant Mediterranean wines with the traditional street food in the exquisite surroundings of magical Sicily. 

You can choose between a family, private or group tour, with a generous discount and an option for paying over time. 

Bicycle Wine Tour in Magical Istria 

From Buje to Rovinj, the Istrian bicycle wine expedition is a marvellous way to explore beautiful Istria,  the largest peninsula in Europe. Famous for its endless pine forests, sprawling vineyards, magical waterfalls and historic towns, topped with the exquisite taste of Istrian wines, this would be a lifetime experience.

The bike tour is well-organized and easy, suitable for multiple generations ride. You will have the pleasure to visit mystical middle age towns like Motovun, Potalj, Grozhnjan, and the amazing Porch, a past Roman colony that you’ll never forget. 

Your senses will be pleased with a glass of delicious Istrian wine made from indigenous grapes like Teran and Malvasia. The 8-day tour includes all excursions throughout the peninsula, hotel accommodation, food and similar.

It is recommended for people from the age of 14-99, packed in family and group wine-tasting tour. 

The Best of Paris and Bordeaux Wine Tour

An amazing adventure starting from the “City of Love” and the “City of Lights” to the one and only Bordeaux. The 7-day tour includes an in-depth cultural exploration of Paris and the wine capital of the world, Bordeaux.

This wine-tasting journey offers much more than a simple wine-tasting and an afternoon spent in the vineyards. You will have a special guide that will showcase the world-famous attractions of Paris, including the mystical Notre Dame, a medieval cathedral with mesmerizing architecture and history. 

The walk continues with a visit to the IIe de la Cite, Latin Quarter, Conciergerie and many more. The ice of the cake comes with a Seine river cruise and insight into the fascinating Louvre Museum. 

Just a 2-hour of high-speed drive and you will already be in the one and only Bourdeaux. Here you will taste the most notable and delightful Bordeaux wine and cheese matching. With such a history, wine and gastronomy tradition, the banks of the Garonne river, and medieval stress, it`s almost impossible to see everything this region boasts. 

The tour includes professional guides, transport, Bordeaux City Pass, and a visit to over 20 museums and historical landmarks. 

Best of Tuscany and Florence Wine Tour

Another super-tour in the romantic Toscana. This 7-day tour starts from Florence and includes the best of Tuscany and Florence. Exploring Tuscany and tasting Tuscan wine is something every wine aficionado should do!

Middle-age villages and sun-kissed vineyards spreading over the green hills are just a part of the breathtaking beauty of Toskana. Proclaimed as the centre of the Renaissance, Florence is home to the most prominent artistic names in the history of art. 

This amazing tour offers a unique opportunity to visit the Chianti region and learn the secrets of  Italian cuisine by preparing a meal with the help of a top-notch chef. Wine enthusiasts will have the chance to taste traditional Tuscan wines in a boutique Chianti winery.

The expedition covers travel, accommodation, guide and insurance expenses. If you book now, you will get a 25% discount on the original price. 

Alsace Cruise- A Different Wine-Tasting Experience

Are you ready for a marvellous wine-tasting cruise? Alsace port-to-port cruise is a 5-day expedition starting and ending in Strasbourg, offering a visit to France and 4 other European destinations. 

Situated on the Rhine River plain, Alsace is a multicultural region bordering Germany and Switzerland. The mix of cultures and beautiful historical monuments like the Gothic Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, and the gothic astronomical clock make Strasbourg a world tourist destination. 

Alsace cruise includes visiting the most prominent tourist attractions along with a tasting of the traditional cuisine and premium wines. The colourful charm of Colmar and La Petite Venice and following the wine trail will lift your spirits high!

Alsace tour covers accommodation, insurance, guide, food and similar.

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