Budget-Friendly Cleaning Tips to Stay On Top of Chores

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The average cost of house cleaning ranges between $25 to $50, according to Thumbtack. This can change depending on the size of the house and what kind of cleaning service you need. If this is done every few months, it may cost a lot of money. However, if you want to live frugally, there are ways that you can keep up with your housekeeping without hiring a cleaning crew. Here are a few suggestions to try. 

Invest In The Right Carpet Cleaner 

Carpeting needs to be cleaned often to be kept in good condition. When not cleaned regularly, you might end up having to hire a professional carpet cleaning service, which can cost hundreds of dollars. To cut back on costs, investing in the right carpet cleaner is the best thing to do. Reading reviews on the top carpet cleaners in your area or determining how to make your own cleaning solutions organically can help you figure out which level of work is appropriate for the carpets that you have at home. 

Lemons Are Good Cleaning Agents 

Cleaning up the mess in your microwave can take some time, especially when there is a buildup of gunk. Instead of buying different cleaning agents, a few lemons will do. Place a bowl containing water and lemon juice inside the microwave for three minutes to help loosen up any dirt and grime build up. Afterwards, simply wipe off the grime with a soft cloth. Any odor will also be eliminated by the steam created by the lemon and water mixture. 

Clean The Tub With Grapefruit

Bathtubs need to be cleaned every few weeks to prevent the buildup of grime. A budget-friendly way of making your tub squeaky clean is using grapefruit and salt. Wet the tub first from one end to the next. Slice some grapefruit and sprinkle salt on one half to use as a scrub. The salt and citrus juice can help remove any stains, grimes, and other messes too. This combination can also be used to clean the fixtures and faucets in the tub too. 

Switch To Vinegar 

Vinegar is the best budget-friendly cleaning agent to have in your house because it has numerous functions. It can be used to clean those dirty and cloudy glasses in the kitchen. Soak a dish rag in vinegar to wipe off the stains and dirt, or just soak them in vinegar and water too. It is also possible to clean dirty showerheads with a bit of vinegar too. Put a plastic bag with vinegar around the showerhead and leave it overnight. Remove it the following morning and wipe the fixture to make it shine. 

Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be expensive or even take up too much of your time. Investing in the right cleaning equipment, such as carpet cleaner, is already a good step in the right direction of saving money. Shifting to organic cleaning agents like fruits and vinegar will not only help you save money, but they can also make your appliances and fixtures clean. The best part is that they speed up the cleaning process too, so you won’t feel overwhelmed with all the chores.  

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