Save this summer, with these simple money-saving ideas

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Why is it, that when the warm weather hits, our bank balances suddenly take a nosedive? Maybe it’s the days out, the extra garden toys we treat the kids to, the ice creams or the new summer wardrobe we all think we need…it soon adds up. 

Believe it or not, summer doesn’t have to be expensive. And there are plenty of ways you can save money during this glorious time of the year without missing out on any fun in the sun. Want to know more? Read on for some simple money-saving ideas that will help you to save this summer.

Get your boiler sorted

I know the last thing you’re thinking about at the moment is your boiler and heating options. But neglecting to sort these issues out now will cost you more money in the long run, especially as summer is so short-lived in the UK. If you need a new boiler but you’re conscious of the cost, then boilers on finance could be the best option. You get a new boiler for a minimal cost each month and you no longer have to worry about issues with your heating and hot water when the temperatures start to cool off. 

Block out the sun

Of course, summer is all about enjoying wall to wall sunshine – unfortunately, it can make our homes unbearably hot. Making it difficult to find relief from the heat and making it difficult to sleep at night. Before you plug in expensive fans in every room and run up your electricity bill, consider blocking out the sun first, to keep your home cool. Keep your shades, blinds and curtains drawn to prevent your rooms from heating up too much, then you won’t need to rely on electrical items or your air conditioning to keep you cool. 

Cook outside – all the time!

You don’t have to plan a big family get together to have a BBQ. Moving your cooking and meals outside will save you money on gas and electricity. It’s also much more fun for the kids. BBQs, salads and simple picnic foods will save you time, energy and money!

Save more money on food

There are lots of amazing seasonal fruits and veggies available during the summer, which means that they’re cheaper. Hit your local market or greengrocers to see what prices you can get. Or, have a go at growing them yourself!

Leave the car at home

If possible, leave the car at home and consider walking, cycling or even taking public transport to get to work or the shops. You’ll save money on fuel and you’ll also avoid getting stuck in summer traffic. If you have no choice but to drive, try to find the cheapest fuel station in the area.

Need something new? Try second hand

Whether you need new clothes for the kids, or some new games and toys to keep them occupied outdoors, buying gently-used second-hand items means you don’t have to spend a small fortune to keep everyone happy. 

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