Exploring gratitude with your child

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Exploring gratitude means to take time out in your day to be thankful for both the big and little things that you have been blessed with. With how fast paced life can get, it is easy to get caught up in the threads and forget the small hurdles you’ve overcome and the greatness you’ve achieved during the process. This could be being thankful for family, friends, events and personal belongings. It’s entirely up to you. teaching children to practice gratitude encourages them to have a positive mind and makes them an overall happier and content person. Here is some advice from a private school in Middlesex on exploring gratitude with your child.

Make gratitude a part of your daily routine. Children pick up habits from what they practice so having a regular time in the day to discuss is a great start. Dinner time is always a good time as the family is usually sat together and can discuss their day one at a time. Doing this will also allow your child to learn from their siblings and understand better ways to be grateful about smaller details in their life. Not to mention that this is also a great bonding session for the family as everyone will have something to bring to the table no matter their age. 

Practice what you preach. Become a model for what you would like to see in your child. As mentioned before, children learn from their surroundings so take into consideration when you complain in front of them. Try your hardest to keep positive as a negative attitude is the last thing you want for your child. Thank both your children and others around you and let them know how grateful you are for all they do.

Encourage your child to show appreciation to others. This can be thanking the cashier for their hard work or simply because someone held a door open for them. A great way to start it is in school. At the end of the year, your child can present their teacher with a gift to show their gratitude for their hard work. These thoughtful gestures will surely bring much joy. 

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