Is Private School the Right Choice for My Child?

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There is so much debate about what type of schools you should send your kids to. The battle between public and private schools can often become intense, especially when discussing resources. Over 34,576 private schools have 5.7 million PK-12 students attending them, but there are many more in public schools. Read on for insight that can help your family consider whether it’s worth it to put your child in private school.


It’s no secret that private school is very expensive. When you put your child in private school, you’re practically already paying college tuition level fees each year. That can add up if you have a big family. If the school has an amazing track record and alumni connections, then it may be worth the tuition. However, be careful about putting that type of money into a random private school if you live in a good public school district. For example, Boston Public Schools have some of the best schools in the country.


Private schools can have amazing resources and faculty that let many students thrive well in college. If a student is on a science or math track, then some private school environments may help them advance further than they would in public schools. When researchers tested 140 students in preschool, they realized the kids in private and public schools had similar achievement scores. However, the 70 Montessori school students advanced more rapidly on math and literacy tests over the next three years

College Tracking

The reality is all kids are not going to go to college, and that’s not a bad thing. Be honest about your child’s personality and general interests. If you don’t think your child will actually apply to college or remain interested even if they attend, then you may want to reconsider pushing them into an expensive private school. Most private schools are on a college track and even have direct relationships with colleges. Having a kid that’s uninterested in college-level courses in a private school may be a waste of your money and time. They may do just fine in public school and have a good life afterward.

Music and Art Programs

Art and music aren’t just for entertainment. These subjects can also help students and adults study as it helps the brain concentrate better. According to DoSomething, schools with music programs have an estimated 90.2% graduation rate, while those without music education average 72.9% graduation. So, it’s possible that access to music and other creative outlets allows students to thrive more and make it through to graduation. Unfortunately, music and art are the first programs cut from public schools. If you know that being in an environment without a creative outlet could affect your child, then you may want to consider private school.

Sports Programs

Does your child attend a school with a great sports program? Is it obvious that your child is on the track to realistically becoming a professional athlete or working in that field in another way? Even if it’s a public school, it may be best to let them stay there as long as they do well in their studies.

While private schools are known for amazing resources and teachers, there are public schools that can also offer the same. No school district is one-size-fits-all, so before you spend the money on private school, thoroughly research your current or future school district to see if it’s actually worth that cost to your family budget. There’s nothing wrong with sending your child to a good public school if that is what’s best for them and the family.

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