Budget-Friendly Footwear: Top Tips for Saving Money on Shoes

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One of the best ways to save money on shoes is to invest in high-quality shoes that will last years. While cheaper shoes may feel inferior and break down quickly, better-quality shoes will last longer and provide more comfort for your feet. Sustainable brands have a wide range of styles made from leather and innovative vegan materials such as coffee grounds. Their canvas sneakers are great for those looking to find comfortable, stylish shoes without breaking the bank.

Look for Discounts

Shoes can be expensive, so you want to be sure you get the best deals. Check online and in-store for coupon codes, sales, and clearances. You may also find coupons from Journeys online for specific brands of shoes. Consider signing up for newsletters from shoe retailers to get the latest offers and coupons. These emails often contain sales and promotions you will only find elsewhere. Some companies even offer a VIP customer program that rewards frequent buyers with special perks like free shipping and returns.

Another way to save money on shoes is to buy used or second-hand pairs. Sites feature shoes that have been previously worn but still look brand new and are priced well below the retail price. If you need more time for shoes, try shopping at a discount retailer or outlet mall. Many manufacturers have outlets where they sell pricier shoes at discounted rates.

Shop at the Right Time of Year

When it comes to shoes, Americans spend more than $100 billion each year. And while it’s tempting to collect every style you love, buying trendy footwear without thinking about durability will quickly drain your wallet. Cheap sneakers can wear out in a season, meaning you will need to replace them more often than if you invested in a pair that will last years. But if you wait until certain times of the year, you can find the shoe of your dreams without breaking the bank. For instance, many retailers run clearance sales in May to clear out last season’s inventory in anticipation of back-to-school shoppers and the fall shoe season. Plus, online retailers send coupons and sales to their VIP club members yearly.

Buy One Pair at a Time

Many of us are prone to impulse buying—and shoes are no exception. But a better approach is to buy one pair at a time, or even less than that, especially for items that get worn down quickly or are not easily replaced, like shoes. That way, you aren’t stuck with two pairs you don’t love. Shop for shoes that fit your lifestyle and are versatile enough for various activities. Consider a sustainable shoe brand that offers several styles made from natural leather or innovative vegan alternatives.

Many of these brands also offer coupons and online sales throughout the year. In addition, some credit and rewards cards also offer cash back or points on footwear purchases. However, always remember to check the terms and conditions of such programs before purchasing. Some can limit your returns or may only be valid temporarily. That’s why shopping wisely and carefully before spending money on shoes or other items is important.

Shop Online

Online shopping can be a great way to save money on shoes. You can find an enormous assortment of styles and brands for a much lower cost than you would pay in a store. However, it is important to shop mindfully when purchasing footwear online. You should always choose reputable shoe brands and avoid those that are just cheap. Cheap shoes will not last and could cost you more in the long run as they need to be replaced more frequently.

Additionally, you should make sure that you are purchasing the right size. As shoes are more challenging to try on than clothes, you should use free tools such as shoe size conversion calculators to help you ensure that the shoes you purchase are the correct size. Online stores are known for their contemporary womenswear, but they also have a large collection of stylish shoes that are both fashionable and affordable. 

Look for Special Offers

Many shoes can be discounted if you keep your eyes peeled for sales and coupons. Some stores have their in-house shoe sales that are separate from the main retailer’s sale, and online marketplaces also offer discounts on several different brands and styles. You can also find shoes on sale that make shoes using leather, vegan materials, and even coffee grounds. These can be a great option if you are looking for a specific style and are willing to try a pair of shoes and return them if they don’t fit.

Another way to save on footwear is to stick to neutral tones. Instead of buying shoes in every shade to match every outfit, buy one or two pairs that will coordinate with most of your wardrobe. It can reduce the money spent on shoes and ensure they last longer.

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