Save a bundle on your bundle! Check out these baby money-saving tips

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There’s nothing more exciting than expecting a baby. However, you may have noticed that preparing for the arrival of your little bundle of joy can cost your big bucks. Of course, we all want what’s best for our little ones, and we want them to have the best start in life, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank in the process.

Putting yourself in a precarious financial position in preparation for the arrival of your baby isn’t sensible, or even necessary. A worrying number of parents spend and borrow so much they risk placing themselves into debt – check out this advice from Creditfix if you’re looking for debt solutions.

These days, more parents than ever are realising that their children can still have the very best start in life without the hefty price tag. Want to know more? Read on for how you can prepare for less than you may think. 

Don’t be afraid of second-hand clothes

Babies and children grow so quickly, it’s difficult to keep them in clothes at all! Instead of spending a small fortune on baby clothes that they’ll potentially only have one wear out of, consider looking for second-hand clothes bundles online. It’ll save you a huge amount of money, and most of these clothes are only gently used and in great condition. Of course, a few brand new outfits are irresistible for new parents, just don’t go overboard. 

Consider cloth diapers 

Ok, so cloth diapers are daunting and sound pretty gross. However, they’re incredibly hygienic and while your baby is small, they’re ideal. You’ll need to buy plenty in bulk to get yourself started, but the savings versus disposable diapers make them an obvious investment. You don’t have to worry about running out of diapers in the middle of the night either! 

Bonus tip: Cloth wipes are incredibly cheap compared to their disposable counterparts. 

Consider borrowing a breast pump

If you choose to breastfeed then you’re going to need a pump so you can express milk and keep it in the fridge for later. Breast pumps can be incredibly expensive, so consider borrowing one from a friend or buying one second-hand instead.

Avoid “nursing” clothing

Clothing specifically designed for nursing sounds practical but they’re incredibly expensive! You can purchase baggy tees, wrap dresses and other nursing-friendly clothing anywhere! Avoid investing in expensive nursing bras until you’re certain you’re comfortable and able to breastfeed. 

Don’t worry about the gadgets

If you choose to bottle feed then you may be tempted by gadgets like bottle warmers, or contraptions that create formula at the exact temperature. These items seem helpful in theory, but in reality, they’re just expensive and rather pointless. You can quickly cool a bottle with a jug of cold water or warm a bottle in a jug of warm water. Don’t over complicate the process – your bank balance will thank you.

Be realistic with your buggy

Buying a brand new pram ensures a high safety rating. It’s tempting to spend thousands on a stunning pram, but it’s worth remembering that your beautiful pram will get covered in crumbs, sick, milk, rain, mud, and often thrown in the back of the car! Be realistic and you’ll save a bundle!

How to save a bundle on your bundle: Baby money saving tips

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