5 Great Reasons To Buy Second Hand Clothes – #SecondHandSeptember

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This month I’m joining in with a group of other UK money bloggers and taking part in #SecondHandSeptember. An initiative started by Oxfam, it encourages people to take a pledge not to buy any new clothes for the month of September.

There are loads of reasons why buying secondhand clothes is a win-win – here are some of the main benefits to not buying new.

5 Great Reasons To Buy Second Hand Clotheswoman browsing clothes rail

1. It Saves Money

This is a money saving blog, so it stands to reason this comes at the top! Buying second hand saves money and we all like saving money!

As well as spending less on everyday clothes, it also means you can potentially:

Avoid guilt over ‘one off’ purchases –  for example you might want to wear something new for a special occasion but the cost of buying and wearing something only once is hard to justify, whereas buying something secondhand for a bargain price means you can do it guilt free (especially if you re-donate!)

Update your clothes more often – buying new clothes regularly might be out of your budget (and not so eco-friendly) but the lower cost can mean you can afford to change up your wardrobe more often, and de-clutter it at the same time.


2. It Helps The Environment

The impact of new clothes on the planet is shocking. Would you believe that the textile industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than global shipping and aviation combined?

More people choosing to buy second hand, could actually make more of a difference than you’d think.

Why it’s more eco-friendly:

Every week, 11 million items of clothing are sent to landfill.

When people choose to buy secondhand, clothes are used and stay out of landfill for longer, which helps to reduce textile waste.

Also, a LOT of water is involved in the textile industry. Buying secondhand means less water will be lost to industrial waste and could be used for more sustainable purposes.

Recycling and reusing clothes can help lower the negative impact the textile and fast fashion industry has upon the environment.


3. It Supports Charities

Buying secondhand is a great way to support charities. By buying donated items from charity shops, you are helping in that charity’s mission, so choosing to shop secondhand from a charity whose work you admire is a great way to actively help.

Another great way to update your wardrobe for cheap whilst staying eco-friendly AND supporting a charity as well is to organise clothes swapping events.

I have a friend who organises these and they are so fun! Everyone comes with a few of their clothes that they’d like to swap, then you spend an evening chatting and trying on clothes, having some wine, and then go home with your new clothes. Everyone pays £5 to come and the total is donated to charity after the event.


4. It’s fun

Everyone loves a bargain right? You never know what gems you might find while searching through a charity shop or carboot sale, and finding something you love at a great price can give you a good buzz!


5. It Encourages Creativity

Remember ‘The Dress’? The now unwearable Zara dress that everyone bought but daren’t venture out in anymore?

With second hand shopping you don’t have to worry about other people wearing exactly the same outfit as you, and it means you can create more of your own individual style.


Want to join in with #secondhandseptember? Head over to Oxfam and take the pledge!

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