5 Simple and Profitable Online Jobs for Moms 

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Are you interested in working online? It makes sense to consider getting an online job as they have been gaining popularity in recent years. With the accessibility of technology, people are making full-time incomes just by working online. 


There are plenty of options when it comes to working online. You can start your own business, which is great because startup costs and overhead is generally extremely inexpensive. There is also the option to work for an already established company for an hourly rate. Both options are valuable, proven, and can be done from the comfort of your own home. 


So what online job should you do as a mom? While the opportunities are endless, below is a list of the top 5 options for simple and profitable online jobs for moms.


  1. Blogging

Blogging is perhaps one of the most popular online jobs for moms. Have you heard of the term mommy blogger? Chances are you have. The mommy blog category is extremely successful and profitable for so many bloggers.

You might be thinking that there would be no place on the internet for yet another mommy blog, but that’s not true at all. Just because another blogger might already be talking about a topic that you would talk about doesn’t mean there isn’t an audience out there dying to hear what you have to say.

The best part about being a mommy blogger (or a blogger on any topic), is that you call your own hours, you are your own boss, and the success you achieve depends on the amount of work you put into your blog. To step up a blog in less than 30 minutes, follow these simple step-by-step instructions: How to Start a Blog – Easy Quick Start Guide.


  1. YouTube

Here are some staggering stats regarding YouTube that might surprise you. 73% of US adults watch Youtube, 1 billion hours of YouTube is watched daily, and YouTube is the second most visited site in the world.

Knowing those numbers, does it interest you in starting a YouTube channel?

YouTube can easily turn into a profitable side hustle. All you need are views, which we know is possible given the number of people on YouTube daily. But, what should you start your YouTube channel about?

There are plenty of different niche’s out there but I recommend that you make videos about a topic you’re passionate about. That could be cooking, baking, crafting, gaming, makeup, hair, etc. A huge plus about YouTubing is that all you need is a phone or camera to shoot your video and a laptop or computer to edit.

That’s why a YouTube channel is a great online job for moms. 


  1. Sell on Etsy 

Etsy is an amazing way to become an independent contractor and business owner for your crafting hobby. If you are creative and crafty, put your crafts to use and sell them to an online marketplace.

Etsy does a lot of the groundwork for you by giving you a platform for your store and providing you with measures to run ads. That gives you the chance to focus more on the creation of your beautiful handmade crafts.

I personally know a handful of people who have successful Etsy stores and they make a decent side income that pays for all their supplies and allows for a profit. 

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  1. Online Juror

This is probably one of the most unique online jobs for moms on this list. Not only is it different, but it’s fun. If you’ve ever sat on a jury, or if it’s a wish of yours to serve on a jury, there are companies out there where lawyers put together an online jury to practice their case.

A great aspect of being an online juror is that depending on the company that hires you, an online jury might take no more than one hour. To start looking into the perfect company to sign up for as an online juror, check out this article: Sites that Pay You to Work From Home as an Online Juror.


  1. Website Testing

There are plenty of companies, websites, and blogs out there that pay to have their site user experience tested by a 3rd party stranger. The purpose of user testing is to get an unbiased opinion of what it’s like to manoeuver around a website to see if its user friendly or if there could be improvements.

I’ve personally paid for user testing on three different experiences for my blog, which is one way I know that user testers get paid good money depending on how often they work. 


I hope you’re able to find a great online job. Whether you go to work or you’re a stay at home mom, these five options make for the perfect online jobs for moms. Best of luck to you!


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Alyssa Hunt is the creator of The Life Hunt, a blog that helps busy hustler’s work towards business success and financial freedom all while managing full-time jobs. When she isn’t blogging, Alyssa is busy teaching writing composition to university freshmen. 

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