How to Make Money Taking Online Surveys in the US

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How to Make Money Taking Online Surveys in the US

Online surveys help connect marketers with their target demographics. Companies in the US are always on the lookout for new product trends or changes in their customer’s buying preferences. These surveys are entirely self-administered so you can provide honest, reliable information to business-consumer researchers without feeling judged for your opinions. Although you are still required to fill out personal information, your privacy will be secured so that no third party can access your account without your permission. Most reward you with a few bucks, but a few can net you up to $50 or more.

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How to Earn Income from Taking Online Surveys

As a potential consumer, you can influence how products and services are marketed by determining their overall quality. That’s right, some businesses are interested in what you have to say, and they are willing to compensate you for it. There are many different types of online surveys including those about restaurant food, electronics, social media, B2B, travelling, and even recreational hobbies. Make sure you are actually qualified for a survey you’re taking or else you can be screened out. Surveys usually ask questions about your age and income so you will have to answer truthfully.

Here are Five Popular Sites that Offer Paid Surveys

Swagbucks is often number one on the list because of their wide range of offers you can take to earn rewards, from watching videos to surfing the web. Their paid surveys are sent directly to you every day. You can earn Swagbucks to buy gift cards or shopping discounts. The PayPal cards are worth actual money so feel free to deposit them into your account. You are given $10 just for signing up.

Vinedale Research is another place for taking online surveys. The good thing about their surveys is the lack of a point system. That means you get cash immediately after completing a survey. They pay out more money than many other sites, ranging from $0.25 to$50.00 per online survey. You can enable notification alerts so that they will send you surveys that best suit your profile. They also do evaluations which are similar since you review products sent to you.

Survey Junkie is a membership-based survey company that rewards users somewhere between 20 to 200 points for sharing their opinions on panels. It’s easy to register and you can make a good amount as long as you qualify for their surveys. Their website is also mobile-friendly, allowing survey takers to complete multiple-choice questions on the go. The length of their surveys can vary significantly, even with the same earnings so choose wisely based on whether you think it’s worth a shot.

My Survey lets users see which surveys are the most valuable out of the entire survey pool. They rely on a simplistic interface with more emphasis on the rewards system than cluttering the site with junk offers. They do pay out cash rewards or gift cards for your favorite retail store. You are guaranteed privacy in disclosing personal information. The only downside is how often you have to refresh the page since their surveys are snatched up by other users quickly.

PrizeRebel is a decent platform for making some pocket change. They have a well-organized UI to help you find offers such as signing up for free trials or taking their daily surveys. Whenever you want to exchange your points for cash, you can buy a PayPal card worth certain amounts from $1.00 to $10.00 or even higher. It includes a progress tracking system so you know how many points you’ve earned so far. But be careful of surveys that seem time-consuming as they don’t necessarily give the most points.

But these aren’t the only sites that offer online surveys in the US. There are others around like Toluna, Pinecone Research, Inbox Dollars,Ipsos iSay, and Pro Opinion, all of which compensate you for providing insight on how many hours of TV you watch in a week or what kind of advertising brands you’ve heard of before. It’s just a matter of finding surveys worth your time to earn a little extra, but without the advertising spam and annoying pop-ups.

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