10 Funny Ways To Save Money You’ve Probably Never Considered

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Think you’ve tried every trick there is to save money?

Think again.

I bet you haven’t tried most of these funny ways to save money. From the tight to the simply absurd there are definitely some usual ways to save money you might not have ever considered.

Thinking about funny ways to save money reminds me of a story about my mum’s pet rabbit ‘disappearing’ one day when she was a kid and my grandma insisting that the meat stew they had that evening was a ‘coincidence’. 

To this day my mum still wonders if her parents weren’t killing two birds with one stone – no more paying for pet food and a free meal! Things were pretty tight back then after all.

(She’s joking. I think.)

Anyway, here are 10 funny ways to save money you might never have thought of.

1. Don’t shower

Haven’t showered yet this week? No problem. Cut down on your water bill by simply not showering at all.

Sure, you’ll start to stink, but then you’ll start to lose your social life, so you’ll save money on all those activities too. Win Win.

2. Cut your own hair

If you spend tons of money getting your hair done, just try doing it yourself for free.

What could possibly go wrong?

Seriously though, if you do wanna save on haircuts, a lot of salons will give free or cut price cuts if you have it done by a student or trainee. They are usually fully supervised, you get a bargain and hey- they have to learn somehow right?

3. Toilet train your cat

Yep, you really did read that right. Cat litter is expensive right? So get rid of that ongoing cost by teaching your kitty to use the toilet like a proper self respecting feline. 

I’m not making this stuff up – people really do toilet train their pets – check it out!

4. Go to bed when it gets dark

Get in sync with nature and try going to bed when it gets dark and getting up with the sunrise. Just think how much you’ll save on not having the lights on in the evenings!

Plus a recent study found that unnatural light cycles can have pretty negative effects on health and put you at greater risk of depression.

So do yourself as well as your wallet a favour and keep the lights off (as well as your TV) while you’re sleeping.

5. Say ‘NO’ to toilet paper

Toilet paper is flipping expensive, but you can completely avoid that cost by going paperless. Yep, you heard that right. 

Instead of your bog standard Andrex, give ‘family cloth’ a try. It’s cheaper and more eco-friendly. All you need are some cheap cloths, and a tub to pop them in. Stick them on a hot wash to clean and reuse.

Again, just to prove I’m not making this up:

6. Leave your wallet at home

Not when you go grocery shopping, we’re not trying to get you arrested, but leaving your wallet at home when you go out means you can’t be tempted to make impulse purchases on the spot.

7. Do the sniff test

Before chucking your clothes in the laundry basket, give them a quick sniff. If they pass the test wear them again and save on washing costs.

8. Take a snack when you go shopping

Always have a snack to hand when you go to buy your groceries. Bonus points if you eat before you go.

Research has shown that people are much more likely to buy and spend more if they shop when they’re hungry, so avoid temptation by filling up first.

Plus it’s a great excuse to keep a Mars bar in your pocket.

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9. Turn off the heat

Test your commitment to saving cash by holding off on the heating as much as possible. Sure, there may be some nights where you look like the Michelin Man with the amount of layers you need, but hey, at least that energy bill will be low.

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10. Stop having sex

Wait what? How could not having sex possibly save money?

You’ve probably guessed, sex leads to children. And children are expensive. Put your pants back on.

So there you have it, 10 funny ways to save money. Have you tried any? Would you be willing to try any of these ideas in order to save more cash?

Let me know if you have any other funny ways to save money to share, I’d love to hear them!

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