Going for Used Cars

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The benefits of buying a used car are multiple, and some of them might surprise you! Let us take a look at some of them.


Obviously, used cars are cheaper than new ones, and come with the extra advantage that the car has been tried and tested already. There will be no need to drive with extra caution for the first few hundred miles, and the odds of a sudden failure are vastly reduced – any issues would have been uncovered and fixed by the car’s original owner!

More Money

You will also save on sales tax – up to twenty percent of the asking price – and road tax and even your insurance will be less as it is based on the cost of the car. The cheaper the car, the lower your monthly insurance premium, especially if you are a careful driver with a good no-claims bonus!

More Choice

Choosing to buy a used car gives you a much wider range than you would otherwise be able to enjoy. New cars tend to be this year’s models with perhaps one or two of last year’s less popular models. Used cars cover the whole range of vehicles produced by the various manufacturers, over the last several years, up to a decade or so. (Buying cars much older than ten years or so is possibly not a great idea as advances in motor manufacturing have improved fuel efficiency, emissions and much else – taken alongside the risk of metal fatigue and general wear and tear, a decade-old car is unlikely to be the best choice.) But being able to choose from several years’ ranges opens up many possibilities for you, possibilities denied those who are determined to buy a new vehicle.

Don’t Sweat the Details

In the past, people were put off purchasing used cars as they felt there was no guarantee that the car was worth the purchase price, and indeed, in the bad old days, people did fall victim to scams, buying vehicles that irrevocably broke down after a short time, with no way to recover their hard-earned cash. However, this does not have to be the case today.

You can source used cars from reputable second-hand dealers who perform due diligence on both the vendors and the cars, making sure that the sale is being mandated by the legal owner, using a diagnostic tool to ensure that it is in a good saleable – and drivable – condition. These dealers pre-inspect any car that passes through their hands, and they even offer warranties to cover you against unexpected and unforeseen issues that can suddenly occur. One such used car dealer is KAP Motors. You can buy used Nissan with 100% warranty from KAP Motors. They also offer a wide variety of other popular brands, to know more about them; you can either visit their centre in Brighton or Folkestone or book a car online and get it delivered to your door-step.

So, all of the above, and the reduction in environmental impact of buying a second-hand car is taken into account, there really is no reason why you would ever buy new again!

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