Tips for Supporting Your Child During Exam Period

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Supporting your child’s studies is what we all should be helping our children with to allow them to progress and reach towards. They are able to see clearer goals this way, which will give your child more confidence and dedication to developing their core skills. That will ensure your child does the best they can in the upcoming exam period, which will be one of the most stressful times your child may endure.

So to help support your child in their exams throughout their lifetimes, there are a number of methods you could try. Here are some that you could try with your child.

Make time for your child to study in peace

The top recommendation you will hear from parents will be to find a place for your child to study without being distracted. It’s a good time to teach your child about how they can pick up their studies without you being there to support them. This space could be an area in an existing room, or in a study if you have one in your home. So long as it’s set up in a way that removes all key distractions they will appreciate the peace and quiet to knuckle down with their studies.

Ask your child what help they exactly need

It’s also important to talk to your child about what they exactly need support in. You could ask them if they need past papers printed off to go through, or if they need a particular study book to use before their exams start. These things will help them prioritise what they need to put their attention into. We all have our strengths and weaknesses to focus on which can be improved if we help our children with their exact needs.

Help your child work out a timetable of studies

Exams come in different shapes and sizes, which is why having a timetable of when to revise and what areas to revise can make things easier for them. From taking on foundation courses to getting ready for a major exam at degree level, A Levels and even at GCSE level, a timetable of when to revise for each subject helps make things more logical. It helps children plan out exactly what they will be studying each day based on when the exam is in the week.

Having a lot of preparation in advance can help your child feel more confident with their studies in general. This can help both you and your child get ready for those dreaded exams, especially when they are so important to their futures. Should they have future careers and learning journeys in mind, they will need to be ready.

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