How to Raise a Compassionate Child

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children hugging

Compassion is a core value that children should learn to pick up as they develop their skills. It’s a good way to give your child the skills to learn to be honest and to be respectful of others, and it gives you a lot more reassurance that your child can build on their understanding of kindness.

Here are some ways you can help your child learn to be compassionate.

Give your child ways to act resourceful

Being resourceful means you’re a lot more accepting of a situation and have a set of ways you can help others. This, in turn, builds anyone’s level of compassion as they build their skills. The more your child learns about being relied upon on a regular basis will give your child a lot more confidence to be themselves and to be supportive.

Offer opportunities to role play

A lot of child development comes from role play. This sixth form in Reigate recommends interacting with your child on a regular basis to allow them to solve problems, work on their resilience and be able to have complex conversations with you as they grow older. It’s a good time to listen to your child’s concerns and act compassionate in front of them as well. Give them these chances to really explore who they are and what ways they can help others.

Avoid negative reinforcement

While sometimes it feels like acting harshly can get the point across, it’s never the right way of going about showing your child to react positively. This is a time where your child should feel trusted by you, and compassion can only be taught through positive engagement that helps your child work through their strengths and weaknesses. 

It’s also about trusting your child to do the right thing; through all that we teach our children they should be able to work out the right from wrong if you give them a chance.

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