How to Raise a Respectful Child

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A respectful child is more than one that is well-mannered. They are thoughtful and considerate of others. Much of this they will gather from role models like you, their parents, and other influential people in their lives. Below we’ve included some tips from a private school in Harrow to help you raise a respectful child.

Forming an Open Mind 

A large part of respect comes from tolerance and being respectful of differences. We’re all unique in our own ways and come from a range of different backgrounds. This means that we may do different things to others and that’s the beauty of living in the diverse world that we live in. We can learn things from one another. While there may be things that they don’t agree with, it’s important that they are respectful and understand that we’re allowed to think differently. Books are great tools for helping children to see the world in this way. They explore different views and teach children about it. 

Respect Your Child’s Ideas

Going back to the point made above, it’s also important that you pay your child respect as the way that they are treated can influence the way that they treat those around them. Instead of being dismissive, explore their way of thinking and try understanding.

Celebrate Difference

Another thing that you may choose to do is explore and celebrate different cultures. Cultures and religions have their own festivities and are fun ways for children to learn about them.


Manners are the most basic form of respect and can help to show others appreciation. They are simple enough to teach children and can be taught through daily reminders and practising them yourself.

Dealing with Difficult Emotions

We can often get swept up by how we feel and say things that we later regret. Knowing how to control and manage these emotions can help children to be respectful, make wiser choices and help them to interact with others in social situations.