How to Prepare for Moving Day

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There are many steps to cross off your moving day list; from making the decision to relocate to finally settling in at your new home. Even the most efficient planners can be overwhelmed and exhausted on moving days but there are plenty of ways to make them go a little more smoothly. 

Here are some things you can do to prepare for moving day to ensure a stress-free move on your big day:

Get up early so you’ll be ready for your movers when they arrive

Make sure you’re set for your moving crew, even if they don’t come until later in the day. Rising early means you’ll also have more time to prepare a healthy meal and do some last-minute packing in case you missed something. 

A running to-do list helps you stay on top of everything

As soon as the moving truck is on its way, some moving-related tasks might pop up. Have you emptied the last of the garbage bags? You promised to clean the shower before you left, didn’t you? Has the freezer and refrigerator been emptied? So instead of making a hasty mental inventory of everything you need to do on moving day, keep a running to-do list that you can cross out easily while on the go. 

It’s also best to inform some people of your moving. This can include your bank, insurance provider, pharmacist, and doctors. Additionally, you should also search for new medical providers in your area. For example, if you want to look for a new dentist in your new location, you can search for phrases like “dentist near me Los Angeles” on the internet and it should produce a list of experts that you can reach out to.

Keep your gadgets charged

Charge all of your electronic devices the night before to ensure that your phone is fully charged as you prepare for moving day. A ready phone will allow you to get in touch with the movers in case you need to give last-minute instructions.

Pack a bag for your first night out in your new place

Ensure that preparing an overnight bag is one of your moving day priorities. Among other items you may deem necessary, this bag should contain pyjamas, a toiletry bag, a charger for any electronic devices, a change of clothes, paper plates, and even plastic utensils. 

The moving day might be lengthy, so don’t kid yourself – it’s understandable if you don’t feel like unpacking after a hard day at work. If you have an overnight bag, you don’t have to search through boxes to find what you need for a restful first night in your new home.

Make sure you have secured your vital documents and valuables

Looking for important documents can be challenging because they can get tucked away in packing paper and unmarked boxes by mistake. By securing these items ahead of time, you eliminate the danger of losing them during the moving process. 

Prioritise your children and pets 

The moving day might be made more difficult if you have children and pets. It is imperative to have finished making preparations for your children and pets long before moving day. You might consider asking a friend or family member to help pick up or drop off your children and pets if you are unable to do it yourself. 

Prepare a cooler and enough food

The heavy lifting on moving day often necessitates a lot of energy. Keep an esky with water and easy-to-grab snacks nearby. Nuts and dried fruit pouches, pre-made sandwich packets, and protein bars are excellent nutritious foods that will help fuel you throughout the day. Your well-stocked esky will come in handy when you’re feeling peckish in the middle of the day. You might also want to consider packing some extra food that you can offer to your movers if it’s not too much trouble – even if they aren’t hungry, they will certainly always appreciate the gesture.

Set aside a supply of cleaning products

Be sure to have some cleaning products handy to clean up after your movers have completed loading everything. Make sure to set these items aside in advance so when you need them, you’ll know where they are. All you will likely need is a broom, dustpan, and a pack of sanitizing wipes.

Be prepared to give your movers a tip

If you’ve hired a moving company, you’ll want to make sure you have some extra cash on hand for tips on the day of the move. Generally speaking, $20 per worker should do, but you may want to have extra money on hand if you’re very impressed with their work. Tips aren’t mandatory but they are greatly appreciated. 

Take a final stroll around the property

Be on the lookout for anything you might have forgotten while going through your home, as it could be tough to retrieve after you’ve moved. You should open all of your cabinets and closets (even the backs of shelves) to ensure that everything you intend to bring is packed and ready.



Moving day is never without its difficulties. If you follow this guide on how to prepare for your moving day, you can at least ensure that you’ve covered all of your bases, even if nothing goes exactly according to plan. Hiring a trustworthy team of home removalists like Smoothmoves to handle all the heavy lifting for you can make your move an easy and hassle-free experience.

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